Spooky Real-Life Haunted House

Spooky Real-Life Haunted Houses

Here are 6 Real-Life haunted houses you can actually buy from the market right now.

This is a very timely blog from realtor.com since Halloween’s coming up. Many of us find haunted houses amusing not only because of their appearance, but also the thrill of going into one. Every house has their own history, many have been into crime scenes and unoccupied houses which people believed to be haunted by unlikely creatures. Would you dare to buy one?

  1. 138 E Fulton St, Canton, MS


This house was built by Dr. James Priestley. Both he and his wife, Susan, died in this home. Creepy and weird happenings include piano playing and candles falling out from holders.

The Priestley House sells at $850,000 in the market.

  1. 274 Charming Forge Rd., Womelsdorf, PA


Two tales have been said to creep this home. One is a certain Henry William Stiegel who bought the land in 1970 for his Iron Furnace business. His nephew George Ege, built a mansion on his property. After going to prison because of his debt brought by his business’ expansion, he felt so broke and humiliated that he would slam back his door and stomp the stairs as he goes up his room. And this still happens after he died in 1785. The second tale is involving the fiancé of Ege’s adopted daughter. While standing up in his horse’s stirrups to greet the girl to announce a good news, it spooked the horse and the guy’s head got caught up to its reins, beheading the poor man. And rumour has it, the headless man still wander the mansion grounds and the girl still weeps in her room. This Pennsylvania Estate sells at $850,000 as well.

  1. 744 Clay St., Port Townsend, WA


Built in 1889, this was George Starrett’s testament for his undying love for his wife, Ann. The couple died centuries ago but they still show their love for the home by still wandering the premises. Past occupants of the house says that the nanny ghost is said to keep her old duties like turning off lights, watching the night staff, and if an insult is said about the house, she would thump the visitor’s forehead. This property sells at $750,000.

  1. 405 North Mayflower Rd., Lake Forest, IL


This Schweppe Mansion sells at $9.95million which was built in 1917 as a wedding gift from Laura Shedd’s parents to her and her husband, Charles Schweppe. After 20 years, Laura died of a heart attack and after 4 years later, the servants found Charles who committed suicide in the bedroom with a bullet on his head and with a creepy note saying, “I’ve been awake all night. It’s terrible.”

And now, the house is still vacant 46 years after Charles’ death. Legend has it that the house is still haunted by the couple and their servants, and a window in the master’s bedroom is clear while the others were dusty.

The said mansion was renovated in 1987, and no one really confirmed the hauntings.

  1. 5121 Franklin Avenue, Los Angeles, CA


This Sowden House sells at $4.79 million. Built in 1927, owned by Frank Lloyd Wright, the basement of this house is rumoured to be the killing ground for a certain Elizabeth Short, aka the “Black Dahlia,” in 1947. Its homeowner, Dr. George Hill Hodel, believed to be the primary suspect, flew to Asia to avoid prosecution. Even Hodel’s son, Steve, believes his father murdered Short by cutting her body in half. This case remains unsolved until now. People also have reported seeing shadows of severed bodies and hearing voices and chains dragging.

  1. 13800 W County House Rd., Albion, NY


This Pillar Estate sells at $1 million which was built in the 1880s. Over the years, people have sworn they heard and saw the ghosts of children and a woman in white with a parasol wandering around the premises. It’s really unknown who haunts the mansion, but spirits began making loud noises after recent renovations on the property. Children haunts the guests by playing hide-and-seek with them and even repeatedly strike the same piano key in the parlor.

Source: http://www.realtor.com