Transform to Sell: 9 tips to prep your home for selling

Getting your home ready to sell is a bit of a hassle because you need to make your home presentable and in its most marketable shape. This is to get you a buyer with your dream offer. You have to think of your home as a product.

No need to hire a pro home stager or rent some great furniture to amaze the potential buyers. We have simple tips to help you get that great impact with just a little effort or money needed. These hacks came from agents and home staging experts. Here are nine of them:

  1. Strip the windows

clear windows with open curtains clear windows

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According to Randy Wine, a real estate agent in Rutherford, NJ, “Light and bright is what sells.” Say no to curtains and closed blinds, because they might just darken the rooms. And Randy says, “You can leave the sheers, but take down the drapes.” And also, make sure that the windows are sparkling clean and clear, so the rooms get more light and fairer to look at.

  1. White-out the bathroom

bathroom 2 bathroom 1

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A white bathroom make it look clean, fresh and new. According to Shiela Schostok of Your Home Matters Staging and Redesign in Lake County, IL, “Even if you can’t replace cabinets or counter tops, at least purchase fresh white towels.” Add some white shower curtain, white soap dish, and even a new bathmat.

  1. Update Kitchen Fixtures

kitchen 2 kitchen 1

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Replacing counter tops and repainting your kitchen is a pricey and needs more work done. So we offer a much simpler and cheaper solution to make your kitchen in tiptop shape. Just replace an old light fixture and get a modern one from Home Depot shops, it may do a lot to improve your kitchen’s look. Ask your broker what’s hot in your area for kitchen finishing, like drawer pulls and cabinet knobs to make it look in style and updated.

  1. Flip every switch

lighting 1 lighting 2

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Having the lights up, it assures the prospective buyers that you have nothing to hide. You’re not just trying to create a good atmosphere but SHOWCASING a product for sale. Even placing an inexpensive but presentable, high-intensity floor lamp directed at the ceiling can do much more to make the room feel bigger and look brighter.

  1. Replace wall art with mirrors

mirror house 1 mirror house 2

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They say that if you put a mirror in a room, the space will seem a little larger and brighter. Keep those old photographs and fine art frames, since people’s taste of art differ from each other. According to, “If you have a nice backyard, try placing a mirror on the wall across from the window that looks out on the yard, so the greenery will be reflected and visible from multiple angles in the room.”

  1. Roll up rugs

roll up rugs 1 kitchen 2

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Having a hardwood flooring is always appealing for most buyers. Keep your kitchen area clear from rugs so that the room will look spacious and feel cleaner.

  1. Swap out lampshades

drum lampshades 2 drum lampshades

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Replace your old lampshades for a new white drum shades, to make the room light, clean and a little bit modern.

  1. Set the table

table setting 2 table setting

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Set the table with simple but modern settings. According to, “Go for modern white plates, sleek stainless-steel cutlery, and stemless wine glasses atop neutral-hued place mats or a tablecloth.” Create some touch of color with vibrant napkins.

  1. Add a metallic accent

metallic accents2Metallic Accent

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Everywhere you look metals are a hot trend – from the warm gold, brass, and copper accents to the cool chrome, nickel and stainless steel applications there is no doubting that metals are here to stay! So adding metallic accessory or two, may help the room look luxurious and contemporary.


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