Tiny House: Is it for you?

When the financial crisis of 2007-2008 came out, the small house movement attracted more attention as it offers housing that is more affordable and eco-friendly. Overall, it represents a very small part of real estate transactions. Small houses are also used as accessory dwelling units (or ADUs), just to serve as additional on-property housing for aging relatives or returning children, as a home office, or as a guest house. According to The Huffington Post, as of 2012, this kind of house costs about $20,000 to $50,000. Now, small and tiny houses have received increasing media coverage, from television shows to social media sites. By using traditional building techniques, these tiny house are built to last as long as traditional homes, and they are visually similar to larger homes. For thousands who lost their homes due to foreclosure or unemployment, tiny houses became an attractive option. This is a definitive proof that size doesn’t matter.

Here are some of the tiny dream home under 200 square feet:

Cinderbox Dwelling
Image source: tinyhouselistings.com

Cinder Box is a Micro Dwelling inspired by a desire to produce a prototype for small scale living and working. The 200sf unit includes a general living space with corner sliding doors opening up to an exterior porch. There is a desk alcove for a small office, a storage closet and a bookcase that doubles as a ladder to the bed loft over the desk. As a prefabricated structure, dimensioned to be easily transported, the dwelling can be placed on any lot, as a rural cabin, or as a secondary structure on urban and suburban properties. [source: http://tinyhouseswoon.com/cinder-box]


The Cypress
Image source: tinyhousetalk.com

With choices of 130, 144 and 172sf. The Cypress design makes use of the most interior space, by incorporating a corner porch and utilizing the extra room as interior space. The rhythm of the design and depth, from its recessed porch and hipped roof, offer an aesthetic that had led to the overwhelming popularity of this Tumbleweed Tiny House RV design. [source: http://www.tumbleweedhouses.com/products/cypress?avad=59681_c9e1ffb5]


Kenjo Outdoor Cottage
Image source: design-milk.com

The roof halfway extended revealing the folding glass doors that slide out of the way to create an open room. Whether closed or open, you always have the deck available. The cottage comes pre-assembled and is lifted into the position you desire. Its 15 square meters (or 161 square feet), plenty of room to fit a decent amount of furniture in. When the roof is extended, the covered space more than doubles. The interior of the enclosed room and underneath part of the roof is covered in untreated, white wood panels giving it a cozy look. The walls, ceiling, and floor are insulated for year-round use and the cabin is also outfitted with power so you can use the cottage for whatever you like. [source: http://design-milk.com/kenjo-outdoor-cottage/]


The Leaf House
Image source: treehugger.com

This tiny, winter-proofed, 215sf house is made to fit a family of four, Laird Herbert arrived at this modern, FSC wood-built, second version of his mobile “Leaf House” after several prototypes. It boasts recycled materials, natural finishes and eco-friendly building products inside and out, and features a tin roof that is sloped to shed snow, and also doubles as a lofted sleeping space. In addition to a 35-gallon (132-liter) water storage unit, pull-out sofa bed, overall there’s 215 square feet of space in its 20-foot length that is packed with a lot of eco-friendly features. [source: http://www.treehugger.com/green-architecture/leaf-house-version-two-laird-herbert.html]


Tiny Heirloom House
Image source: treehugger.com

If you’ve always wanted to live in a home so tiny it fits on a trailer, but were loath to give up your dream of a gourmet kitchen, you’re in luck. Portland makers Tiny Heirloom have jumped into the tiny home business, but they’re making fancy tiny homes. The houses, which are custom-built to your specifications, feature gourmet kitchens, high-end bathroom fittings, and even washer/dryers. And they’re built on a travel trailer and completely portable, so you can take your little bit of luxury on the road — no foundation needed. The tiny houses, which are built near Portland but can be shipped anywhere in the US, start at $65,000. So if it’s your dream to own a luxury home — and size really doesn’t matter — you’re in luck. [source: http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/fancy-tiny-house-215012]

Sources: Thrillist.com, Wikipedia.org

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