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“Conduct a do-it-yourself home security check by walking around your house to assess what needs to be done to reduce the risk of a break-in.” – houselogic.com

Holiday seasons are coming. Lots of us go on a long vacation or gone partying for the night at a friend or relative’s house. Nowadays, we can never be secured enough. Even with a home security system installed, these crooks find ways to do their unlikely ways just to get something from us. It’s just a nice addition to you home defenses, so what you need to do first is to conduct your own home security check. After checking your doors and windows, make sure these essential steps are covered:


Keep your home well-maintained on the outside

Burglars want an easy target. Try standing outside your house and ask yourself if you’re living in a neglected, or inhabited area. Maybe some improvement should be made in your front door or walkway like clearing it from the shrubs and widen the walkway because it may become a perfect cover for the crooks to hide.


Always lock your windows and doors

When you are not home, or even when you go to bed at night, or when they are not in use, keep the windows locked. If you want a window open at night, install window locks that only allow the window to open a few inches. Sometimes you tend to leave the garage door up, this is one quick access for thieves to look around and gain access to your home. A good tip is to keep it down when you leave or even if you’re home. Even if they can’t take something at the time, they can get enough details if your home is worth a visit later. If you’ve just purchased the home, the very first thing you should be to meeting is the locksmith. You have no idea who is out there with the key to the old locks just waiting for the right time to use it. Also, if someone broke in to your home recently, it is about time to change the locks. Having the locks changed is good for the peace of mind.


Install motion detector lights and alarm systems

Burglars hate light. You should replace outside perimeter lighting with motion activated lamps. These are very inexpensive these days and readily available at most hardware and electronic stores. The protection they will provide coupled with the convenience of having a well-lit area to come home to, make them a must have. Simple motion-activated floodlights cost less than $50 each, and installing them is an easy DIY job if the wiring is already in place. Home alarm systems may not keep the burglars from getting inside your home, it will deter some and bring the police to your home quickly, limiting what the thief is able to take. These home alarm systems will work if you always remember to engage it.



Planning to go on a vacation? Never announce it beforehand. Thieves may get to view your status in your social media and they love that about us. Tweeting and updating a status on Facebook indicating where you are and that you’ll be in a couple of days is a great way to alert thieves that your home is empty. Save the updates till after you return. Also let a trusted friend or a neighbor to check at least once a day to pick up the mail, newspapers and any fliers that may be left at the door as this might be one of the things that triggers a thief that no one’s home. And you should have interior lights set to a timer because having lights on will keep thieves guessing if someone is in or not.


Protect windows

To prevent anyone from breaking a window, try to upgrade into a shatterproof glass. If your budget doesn’t allow one, you may consider adding a security film to windows as this will prevent the glass from shattering upon breaking and may discourage thieves from continuing their attempt to break in.


secure glass doors

Sliding glass doors have really weak locks. A thief can easily pop them in an instant, eventually giving access to your home. Try installing a security bar for sliding doors to make it hard for them to gain access to your home. This security method is a must-have for all sliding doors and windows.


store valuables

When you buy new appliances like televisions, stereos or computers, be sure to hide or destroy the boxes. New valuables are an invitation to a burglar’s already distorted senses. Thieves also want easy-to-grab electronics, cash, jewelry, and other valuables. Most people tend to keep their valuables inside their bedroom, maybe it’s better to install a home safe that’s secured to your basement and try not to use it on a daily basis.


secure data

Our home computer got personal information stored on it. Simply password protect your login screen, and always shut off your computer when not in use.


prepare ahead

Listing an inventory of items or taking a photo of your valuables in your home, and try to store your important files online can be some of the tasks you should do to be prepared of what might happen. You can also get your home insured for theft, though some items such as business essentials may require additional requirement or a separate policy.

 “Keeping your family, your belongings and your home safe and secure does not involve a lot of money. A few simple changes such as the home security tips mentioned above can protect everyone and everything for years to come.” – Sheena Tatum (trustedchoice.com)


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