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Home = warm and fuzzy feelings. We have seen homes that really have that wonderful feeling than others. As recent research reveals, there are lots of ways to boost happiness based on where you buy, how you renovate, and some other factors you may never have well-thought-out. According to Kimberly Dawn Neumann, a freelance writer for Realtor.com, these secrets to home happiness might be rewarding enough to get that significant sunnier outlook.

Secret # 1: It doesn’t matter if you buy or rent


Many of us think that homeowners are happier than renters, but here’s a reality check: A study by the University of Pennsylvania found that both groups have about equal levels of emotional well-being. Researchers theorize it’s because whatever joy home ownership brings is canceled out by the extra time homeowners have to spend on maintenance, from fixing leaky faucets to cleaning gutters. Happy-go-lucky renters, on the other hand, get to spend more time on leisure activities.

So renters should stop feeling sorry; and to homeowners, don’t be a smug.


Secret # 2: Long commutes are a mood killer

riding train

According to recent data from the Office for National Statistics, long commutes can chip away at our contentment levels. Commuters gets anxious if the travel time goes over 15minutes and turns to seriously depressed over an hour.


Secret # 3: Paint your walls green or yellow

A study from Vrije University in Amsterdam found that yellow and green evoked the most feelings of happiness.

From colour-affects.co.uk:




“Green gives a feeling of comfort and serenity, so it’s an ideal choice for a bedroom, while yellow brings out creativity and playfulness, so you might consider that tone for a playroom,” says Victoria Shtainer, a real estate broker for Compass.


Secret # 4: Understand the true cost of clutter

messy room

Messy home = stressful life. According to the UCLA Center on Everyday Lives and Families, having a great pile of objects in the home will raise a female’s level of cortisol (stress hormone). Men however, really didn’t show this physical reaction.

“Clutter definitely costs you both emotionally and financially,” says Dana Korey, a professional organizer. “If your rent is $2,000 a month and half of your home is filled with non-usable space, then it is effectively costing you $1,000 a month. One short-term solution is to pack this stuff into boxes and pay to have them put into storage. That way when you see the actual dollar amount every month that the clutter is costing you, you are likely to take action and unload.”


Secret # 5: Stop putting off renovations already

home improvement

Thinking of new renovations to a certain parts of your home? Researchers at UCLA asked 60 couples to describe their homes, and then calculated the frequency of words indicating their place was “unfinished”. Studies say that the longer you wait, the more it can mess up with your peace of mind.

An “undone” home, the less happy its owners were. And it’s not only with themselves, but also with their partner. So if you have some home improvement projects in mind that you want to get into, ‘Hop on it!’


Secret # 6: Pay off as much as you can


According to the Halifax Happiest Home Report, people without mortgages have the happiest homes. Paying off a home may take years. Once you paid it off, satisfaction comes in. Having a mortgage-free life is easier said than done. Getting a home loan is the next best thing to help hype up your mood as your debt shrink and eventually disappear.


Secret # 7: Know your neighbors


It helps getting to know the people who live nearby create a sense of belonging and shared identity in our local area. It also helps to strengthen connections and trust in our wider communities and contributes to a happier neighborhood for everyone. . The Halifax Happiest Home Report found that “relationships with neighbors” was crucial to a sense of well-being. There’s also a study in the Journal of Experimental Psychology that when strangers in close proximity were forced to converse, they ended up happier, too.

Go ahead and warm up a conversation with locals you encounter in your neighborhood. Rather than just a smile, nods, and move on, try to consider organizing block parties or potlucks to create a sense of community. Not only there will be happiness in your own home, maybe the whole village.


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