Wacky Tricks to Sell your Home – FAST!

If your marketing plan during an open house is to place a box full of brochures and chocolate chip cookies baking in the oven, maybe it’s time to step up your game.

Here are some unusual, bold and wacky marketing trips you can use to get your house sold.

Start with Social Media

social media

Internet is one of the biggest things these days. Everything you need to find and buy is right under everybody’s fingertips. Your agent may already hook up the house with an online listing, but it doesn’t stop there. Social media can help boost much more to attract buyers.

Twitter: Many people say that, “In 140 characters? How could you sell something with that?” Be creative! 140 characters might do a lot more than you know.

Facebook: To connect with buyers, you could use your own personal happy memories of the home and put up some photos for them to see.

Instagram: You can advertise your upcoming open house and put up some artsy home photos.


Turn Your Open House into a Party

open house buffet

Try to liven things up a bit. “We throw events—not open houses—at a lot of our listings,” says Josh Myler, director of the Residential Division at The Agency in Beverly Hills, CA. “We do everything from a simple cocktail party to a bigger affair. We’ve even hired professional chefs.” To keep it cheap, try looking for event planners, caterers, and other pros that are just getting started. They will definitely want to create good impressions. It’s like a win-win situation for the both of you.


Set the Tone of the Music

open house party

Why not spice up your open house with live music? Myler often hires professional musicians to play softly in the background during an event or open house. It usually depends on the crowd that you are going to entertain and your budget. You can hire pro DJs or a violinist for more soothing mood. Many amateurs are as good as the pros (and a lot cheaper at that!) You can also ask your family and friends for suggestions to keep things affordable.


Make a Game of it


No one can resist a simple raffle or game in any event. You can try adding this to your open house. To keep potential buyers hanging around longer, it helps to get them involved.

“Have a contest for the biggest ‘loser’ renter,” Seattle real estate broker Jana Schmidt says. “Have buyers enter the amount of rent they have paid over the years into a drawing for a gift card.”


Spread the News with Swag


For some who doesn’t know what “Swag” means, it’s the promotional merchandise given away at trade fairs and events. A lot of people are a big fan of swag. Agencies use lots of free merchandise to promote themselves.

“We offer tote bags, T-shirts, baseball caps, mugs,” Myler says. “Basically anything you can think of, we give out.”

You can use these things to promote your house. Even if the item you’re giving out really has nothing to do with it. Maybe give out some cheap items like magnets, pens, mouse pads, and notepads in smaller quantities could work out fine. Potential buyers grab the opportunity to get free stuffs.

Hope you’ll have a happy and successful open house party!

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