Spaced out? Creative Alternatives for a Christmas Tree

Christmas = huge, bushy tree decorations. How could you put one if you lack the space, or even the patience, to hang those ornaments to make it look fabulous? If your answer is that you want to add some holiday cheer to your home, according to’s Angela Colley, consider these creative alternatives to provide the same ambiance without the hassle on maintenance.

Big scent, small space

pine sapling

You could pick up a pine sapling or maybe snip a few branch from a tree and stick it in a bottle with a bit of water to keep it fresh, and then top it off with a few ribbons and bows. You can also set up more of this in your home. So if love a scent of a real tree, this should do it.

Good news: No more storage nightmares come January.


2-D Tree

2-d xmas tree

You just need a saw and reclaimed wood to easily create a 2-D tree. Then, add shelves to hold the holiday cards or hang hooks for lights and ornaments.

Good news: With its flat shape, you can put this away easily after the holiday season.


Tree made of tape


Get some colored tape and some strings from a craft store. Pick different colors and designs, and layer them along a wall in a tree shape to enhance the look.

Good news: Just strip it out after the holiday season.


A very potted Christmas

potted plant

Any potted plant will do with this option. Get a set of string lights and a few ornaments to go with your creative layout from the craft store, and it’s good to go. And to avoid damaging your plant, just use lightweight ornaments and toppers for the decors.

Good news: Less cost, less storage problems.


Deck the halls … with hats

hats xmas tree

A collage of hats or even scarves, ball of yarn or flip-flops will do with this creative solution for a Christmas tree. Just top up with a simple star, and everything will look great.

Good news: Creating the stack with what you have on hand… less cost, fabulous look.


An advent tree

advent tree2

Nothing whips kids into a Santa Frenzy like daily gifts on display! With a cork board, decorative papers or fabrics, some movable wire, twine or heavy strings, you can create your very own advent tree. Include jewelry boxes, small envelops, or even card stock to create the dates on the calendar.

Good news: Stack it up for easy storage.


From twig to tree

twig xmas tree

Simpler much better? Well, don’t underestimate a few twigs. These can become a good Christmas tree with some creative ideas. You can simply top it with simple ornaments, and there you have it.

Good news: It costs less or even nothing!


Tree in LED

led xmas tree

It’s a delightful experience to celebrate your holiday season without being tangled with strings of light to put in your Christmas tree.

Good news: This tree has its vintage vibe that can fit anywhere, and it’s powered by batteries.


A cardboard Christmas

cardboard tree

This one’s for the budget-conscious and eco-friendly person. Recycled cardboard and some simple décor will provide happiness through this holiday season.

Good news: It folds up flat for easy storage.


A very jolly, corky Christmas

Have a stock of wine corks? You can create an easy tabletop tree with them by gluing them altogether. And once you reach the height you want, just top it up with a simple star. You can also use the corks to make ornaments and wreath.

Good news: Less cost, creative mind.



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