Behind your Back

Ever wondered what your real estate agent is doing behind your back?

It’s all a mystery to the stressful world of buying and selling what your real estate estate really do behind the scenes.

To shed some light, every hour that an agent spends in your presence has an average of 9 hours spent out of sight working on your behalf. Why? The agents don’t get paid until the closing of a deal, it’s pretty much a gamble.

Here’s a list of things agents do when you’re not watching.

They shop property online

look online

An estimated 2-hours a day is spent by a real estate agent researching potential properties. Listings come and go fast in the real estate world, so agents need to check their multiple listing service frequently for them not to miss out on anything. The process of matching up properties with clients can sometimes take a very long time.


They go prospecting


Prospecting is the search for potential sellers and buyers. To successfully find new prospects, it needs a hard-working prospecting program that reaches out to prospects and moves them through the sales cycle. This program must incorporate a range of marketing tactics that overtime, bring prospects incrementally closer to a decision to hire an agent.


They attend pitch sessions


It’s not all sizing up homes for these agents, they also have to spend time attending pitch sessions with the other pros. These pitch session is a gathering of local agents at cafes where they exchange listing info in order to spread the word about your property if you’re selling, or to find your dream house if you’re buying.


They spend their own money on marketing


Selling agents spend their own money on marketing like newspaper ads, magazine, ads, fliers, and even hiring a photographer to cover the property, glossy prints, and premium placements on listing sites.


They write up offers and counteroffers


These time-consuming offers and counteroffers have great part of the transaction. It could save or net you thousands of dollars on a sale. But getting to the right price requires a lot of written offers and counteroffers along the way.


They stick around for inspections


You may not have time to stick around while the inspection is going on, but a good agent will be. This will help them get an immediate knowledge on what’s going on and relay to the buyer immediately. These inspections take roughly two hours.


They smooth bumps in the road


Every sale has its own bumps. Buyers and sellers get difficult all the time. Agents try to protect their clients from these dramas unless they need to know what’s happening.


They keep you calm when the pressure’s on

keep calm

To make your sale much less stressful, agents tend to be the problem-solver. They keep everything in a positive approach to come up with a positive solution.





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