Keep your Mouth Shut – Part 2

blurt out

Whether it’s hunting for your first home or the fifth, chances are you get excited. It’s one of those emotional stages in your life.

Blurting out all sorts of things to other people can turn into regret. While you can and you should always be open with your Realtor®, you might need to shut it off around the sellers or their listing agents. Remember that, “What you say can – and will – be used against you!” So better shut up and stick your foot in your mouth, and note these top things never to say when you’re house shopping.


bad mouth

‘This is my dream house!’

By mentioning this to the seller or their agents, you’re just expressing the sudden passion for the home. This could help the sellers crunch more money out of you because they know that you want the house badly. Any discussions or negotiations should be left private, only between you and your agent. It’s okay to tell them about how nice their place is, just don’t brag.


‘That couch is hideous’

According to Naveed Shah, a realtor with Keller Williams, “Don’t tell the sellers – or any agent present – that they have poor taste in décor or furniture.” Any bad-mouthing might be a rip-off and they might just pick another buyer than hearing you insult them with their personal style choices.


money discussion

‘I can afford to spend X’

Discussing over money matters should be kept between the buyers and their Realtor®. Addressing any concern about financing or ability to pay will weigh down the ability to negotiate the fairest price for the property. In the event that you need to answer the million-dollar question, you can say “Finding a fairly priced home is what matters to us more than the amount we can afford.” Try it, it works!


throw away stuffs

‘I can’t wait to get rid of that’

Have you ever felt that all your efforts have gone to waste? This is just like it. Even if you’re excited to get your hands on working on the new property, it’s not appropriate to let them know about it. The seller might reject your offer or come back asking for a higher asking price upon knowing that someone wants to totally remake the place with their lifelong memories.


selling house

‘Why are you selling?’

Everyone’s curious about the reason why sellers have to put their home on the market. Try to keep it to yourself because it’s considered ill-mannered to ask and may lead to other complications with the negotiation process. “Never ask the sellers why they are selling,” explains Realtor Klara Madlin of Klara Madlin Real Estate. “There may be personal reasons like divorce or job relocation or something worse—none of it your business.” It’s an uncomfortable situation and will not help you with the bidding war.


talk to neighbor

‘What’s it really like to live here?’

It may sounds like you’re interrogating the neighbors for an inside scoop. Being intrusive makes your first impression a bad one. It may mean that you’re a spy or even much worse, a pest! If you want to talk to the neighbors, let them be the first one to approach you and open up. Don’t get too pushy if they’re not really the talkative type. You’ll learn the norm sooner or later.


Lowball offer

‘You’ll never get that price!’

According to Cara Ameer, a Realtor® with Coldwell Banker, as a buyer it’s best for you to keep your thoughts and opinions to yourself. A buyer might think that the price is high, but it could be the normal range of comparable in the neighborhood.


‘I’ll give you [an extremely lowball offer] for this house, whaddaya say?’

“Don’t ask your agent to submit multiple lowball offers,” says Shah. “Take your agent’s advice when it comes to pricing”— it will come as an insult to the seller and of course you wouldn’t want to appear as a not-so-serious buyer. An insult is the last thing a seller want to hear from a buyer.


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