What Buyers Do that Real Estate Agents Hate


Having to spend quality time with your Realtor® is one of the processes in buying a new home. This is the part where you could drive them a bit crazy.

It’s not about those late night calls for a listing you saw online. Well, maybe you could calm down on that too. We’re talking about those things that could sabotage your chances of getting the right house, at the right price, or not getting one at all.

Here’s a list for you to take in consideration and be on your realtor’s level.


Caring too much about aesthetics


Every real estate agent is excited and happy to show you as many houses as you want but she just wants you to see that the beauty is only shallow when it comes to real estate. Lots of buyers get caught up with how the house looks at the moment and not thinking of the possibility of it getting dirty, outdated and need repairs. Costs for that aren’t that much but buyers might blurt out otherwise and run away. What they didn’t know is that they may end up paying nothing at all. “The cost to make the home like new is often easy to negotiate,” says Joshua Jarvis, owner of Jarvis Team Realty in Brookhaven, GA.


Tipping your hand


When you’re totally comfortable with your agent, you begin to feel a bit loose-lipped. You might blurt out about the unwanted things or your opinions about the home. This might get you in trouble with the seller. There are instances that the seller might have overheard you or caught every little joke about their home, and hurt them in negotiations. Better keep it shut and wait until you’re alone with your own agent.


Waiting too long

wait too long

If you’ve found a house you want to buy, why wait? It’s a competitive market out there so taking too long to make an offer can drive your agent crazy. The seller won’t wait for you forever. Of course, they would love to entertain the party who express serious intentions for the property right? So act now, or you’ll be losing your dream home.


Thinking it’s all about the money

love vs money

This is a huge part of the offer but it’s not the only thing you should worry about in the process.

According to Dan Hicks, a Realtor® with Equity Colorado Real Estate in Denver, “It’s not necessarily the highest offer that the seller will accept, but rather the best structured offer,”

A mix of timing with the right price and some reasonable contingencies will make a great offer. Even if you bid for a high price but refused lots of contingencies, most probably, you could end up frustrating your agent and everybody in the deal.


Ignoring what the seller wants

ignore seller

Most buyers see shopping for a real estate is just like buying a simple product but it’s really not. This isn’t like any other business deals. You’re buying from another person who has to choose you as the buyer. Some sellers are motivated with big money, and some just personally wants to see the buyers who will love the home as they did.

“When you hire a Realtor to represent you in the purchase of a property, [they’re] gathering information about the seller’s motivation,” Hicks says.

Creating the best offer is your agent’s priority to ensure that you’ll get the home you need. If you ignore the information from the seller, you’d end up losing your chance owning the house.


Talking to the other team

talk to other party

Even if you’re just being friendly to the listing agent, it’s never a good idea to help seal the deal. You should always have your own realtor to help or hear you out. You might disclose information that would harm them in the process, may it be like the inspections, bonus and negotiation. You’ll never really know it unless it fires back. Remember, “The listing agent’s job is to get the most money for the seller,” Jarvis says. So better hold it back or you’ll be sorry.


Lowballing the counteroffer

Lowball offer

Sellers might consider you throwing about 1 or 2 counteroffers, but if it isn’t reasonable, your agent will spend a lot of time going back and forth which could just frustrate everyone and you might lose the house for good.

Of course, you don’t want to overspend but don’t be such a baby. Listen to your agent because by now, they know what could make the seller say yes and no. And you hired them because you know they’re pretty good at what they do.


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