Quick Prep Up for a Snowstorm

A big winter snowstorm is coming, are you ready for it? For most of us, it’s a real test of how well we’ve prepared and protected our precious home from this. Here’s a real quick winter-proofing checklist for you.


outside faucet

Turn off outside faucets

The drop of temperature makes pipes leading to outdoor faucets and hoses very vulnerable to damage. Make sure to shut off any inside valves leading out to them, get those hoses unhooked, and those outdoor faucets should be drained off with any water that might be hiding within.

“Cover you spigot and pipes with a towel; this will help insulate them,” for added measure according to Adam Webster, the CEO of Rocky Mountain Restoration. His company repairs storm damage to homes in the Phoenix, AZ area.


burst pipersWarm up your indoor pipes, too

Keep those cabinet doors under sinks open allowing warm air to reach them more easily. This is to prevent pipes to burst. Insulating them with heat tape can do according to J.B. Sassano, president of Mr. Handyman.


gutter cleaningClear your gutters

Check the gutters if they’re clogged. “Make sure your rain gutters are clear of leaves,” says Sassano. During a winter storm, ice dams can form, so if the gutters aren’t clean enough, it could flood the home.



clear vents


Keep vents clear of snow

When the outside vents get blocked with snow, the indoor heating systems shut down. It’s a critical part of the preparation because you could freeze to death if this isn’t resolved before the storm.





salt-vs-snowStock up on salt or sand

Shoveling snow in winter is always tiring. Some large crunchy rock salt will do. Salt lowers the freezing point of water, so it has traditionally been spread on roads to get them getting icy, or help melt away ice that has already formed. Make sure to buy a coarse – not play sand and put some on outside walkways a couple of hours before the expected snowstorm.

sand vs snowSand is applied to icy roads to provide traction. It can capably create traction on ice at any temperature, whereas rock salt is not effective in extreme cold. But it should be applied on the surface of the ice because if it gets buried in the snow, it won’t do its job properly and might need to reapply.

Of course the best solution to preventing ice build-up is to keep the snow off your drive or walkway so that it won’t compact and freeze. Shovel or snow blow early and often.


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