Must Haves for Real Estate Agents

Meeting prospective sellers, showing buyers around and organizing marketing and events, these are just some of a Real Estate Agent’s job. So as you can see, it’s not always an office job. More often than not, agents find themselves doing business out in the field. Get everything on the go! From your car, a coffee shop, a vacant listing, your vacation destination or somewhere else, here are the 7 essentials every real estate agent needs to run the show from anywhere.

smartphone1. Smartphone
This indispensable savvy item is your best friend or better yet your lover. It’s probably the one by your side when you go to bed at night and when you wake up in the morning. Besides helping you call or text clients, your phone enables you to check emails, take photos of listings and even legally sign and deliver documents. It’s out of this world!


Standard_Postcard2. Business Cards
In this business field, you’ll always meet new people, and you definitely need to have some business cards ready for them. Either printed or digital, giving out business cards makes a way for leads to remember and get in touch with you. It means you’re ready for business. Right now, agents need to add more than just a name and phone number. Be sure to include your brokerage name, your web address and email address. Also a tried-and-true slogan with a great headshot can make a big difference. Take time to consider design elements that will make your card stand out from all the rest. Here are a variety of online resources that can help:;;


3. Mini Office Suite

Pack it up! Essentials: A trusty pen, notepad, stapler, white out and tape. Since real estate agents are mostly in the field, it’s just proper to have these things on hand whether in your car, laptop case or a travel bag. You’ll be the most prepared agent at any meeting.

Solar powered charger


4. Mobile Charger
Carrying this around could save you from a slow and painful technology death at exactly the wrong time. There are convenient solar chargers for sale right now so you won’t have any problems looking for a socket anymore.


extra shoes

5. Change of Shoes
There are times that you will be called out to a dusty construction site or asked to look at something in a muddy garden. Having an extra pair of shoes in your trunk is the best way to do for moments like these.



6. Snacks

You’ll need this most especially on those busiest days. Pack some healthy snacks! You’ll never know when your tummy grumbles. Your clients, coworkers and family will thank you!


paper towels in car

7. Paper Towels
Being always on the go, eating in your car, tromping around gardens and showing homes are some of the things you’re going to encounter. Never mock the brilliant cleaning power of a roll of paper towels. A clever thing to keep in your car, don’t you think?



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