Clear The Road Blocks

If you are going to sell your house, you would want it quick and for the most money. Although, most of the time, not every seller is prepared for it. There might be road blocks that can suspend the process or lose it completely. Pay close attention if you’re getting your home ready for sale. Any job you do to your home before making the listing live could make or break the process.

Consider these:

neighborhoodNEIGHBORHOOD: Study your neighborhood and the homes that are for sale. List up the areas where your home is lacking. Compare where your home is consistently coming up short. Like maybe some overdue renovations or upgrades, repairs and extensive cleaning needed. Having your home staged before placing it for sale can help a lot with how long the house stays in the market. If it isn’t ready enough, it could cause the home to get little attention and won’t sell at all.


flooringFLOORING: For example, you see a part of your vinyl flooring that’s peeling out, consider replacing it with another flooring that matches the style of your home and check if it’s consistent or similar with the quality of floors in other homes in the neighborhood.


remove youYOU: If you’re thinking on how YOU see the home, this might get you in trouble. Remove “YOU” from the home. It’s hard but it’s very necessary. You don’t need to remove those personal photos or private items like medicines. It just means that you need to consider a re-do the room; make it more neutral, adaptable, and interesting to buyers.



BEDROOMS: In most homes with an extra bedroom, we tend to use the other room with another purpose, maybe a playroom for the kids or a meditation room. As for this situation, it’s a big measure for you to show it with those rooms as a bedroom rather than any other uniquely decorated for a specific use other than sleeping. It could get the buyers to think that it will be too much work to make changes with the home and might run away to find another house that better suit their needs.


garageGARAGE: Converted your garage into a den, an office, or a playroom for your kiddos? Consider making it a garage again. Most buyers have their own car and showing to them that the garage is clean, useful, and has an extended-living space but still have the option to park in it is a great advantage. No one wants another living space and have their car parked on the side streets, right? It is considered a loss of covered parking that could cost you thousands of dollars knocked off your appraisal.


stinky-houseODOR: Any strong odors could also miss out an opportunity to sell, most especially those foul smelling ones. Although too much of a good thing can also be a turn off. Make sure that the house is pristine and gather up those pet stuffs. Make sure the odor isn’t overwhelming when using fragrances in your home because having too much might make people think that you’re trying to hide something awful.


Remember, your goal is to make the home appealing to lots of people. If you can’t clear all the road blocks, ensure that at least hit most of them. Think like you’re in their shoes or better yet, think of it like if you’re the one looking at your own next home purchase. This could make you understand more about the importance of making these changes before setting up that property for sale.


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