Helpful Tips: Exterminate Cockroaches

Getting rid of these pests are essential. Cockroaches are very unpleasant and unsanitary creatures. Once they make themselves at home in a house, it can be very difficult to kick them out most especially if they can find some easy food in there. They can snack on your food, damage wallpaper, books, and electronics, and some species of cockroach also spread germs to humans. They usually attack dirty homes, where people don’t clean regularly and leave plates of food on the counter or bread crumbs on the floor. They can fit practically everywhere. Anything being touched or fed from by these nasty creatures could become a great risk to your home.  They’re not easily killed by anything. Fortunately, there are a few quite simple tricks you could use to exterminate them in your home that they won’t see coming.


soap and waterSoap and Water

This is one of the simplest solution but it’s just temporary because there’s a possibility that they will come back to life after the water dries out. It can be very effective in killing cockroaches individually. Spray or splash this solution on the cockroach, and it will die in a minute or so. It has a great effect on them because they breathe through their skin, and the soapy water will simply suffocate them. Incredibly, they are hard to kill and can live almost a month without food.


bug sprayBuy a Spray

Here’s a much less invasive way to exterminate these pests. You can easily find many kinds of bug sprays in every convenient store. Spray it on them and it will die in moments. Take note: you should keep it away from children.



Sometimes it’s necessary to use pesticides if the infestation becomes too big and there is no other way. Desperate measures as they say. You can only buy these from a specialized store in your area. Spread them all over your house and around it, and watch those pests die one by one. It’s just that they are very harmful to the environment and can be very poisonous to nearby pets and wild animals.


deterrentDeterrent Concentrate

This very useful solution exterminates not only the cockroaches in your home, but also keeps away the potential new ones. Scientists in our modern days have been experimenting new ways to keep the pests out of our homes. This deterrent should be diluted with water and after that every surface of your home should be wiped or sprayed with it. It actually keeps the bugs away for at least 2 weeks. And since it’s a very handy solution, you can just repeat the process over and over again.




Use Bait

Putting poison inside a leftover food for these pest to feast on is very useful idea. They come out at night when no one’s around and eat the bait, and end up dead in the morning. Unfortunately, if you have other pets in your home, you might eat the poison as well.





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