Epic Housewarming Party

Excited to warm your house up with your best friends and family? Everybody’s pumped up to see your new place. You’re a bit worried because it is really stressful to organize and prepare for one. Here are some tips to reduce the stress from it. Pre-make passable appetizers, have an overdose of old school entertainment on hand and keep the booze flowing responsibly to make great new memories in your new home that’s totally unforgettable.


Don’t wait: You Made the Move, so Have the Party Already!

1Your place is perfect for a housewarming party just how it is. Even if you bought a fixer upper or maybe all the unopened boxes are still stuffed in the spare room, it really doesn’t matter. The excitement of your family and friends to see the new crib won’t fade away. Don’t wait for months or even a year to have you housewarming. Who knows? Your guests might give you feedback on your plans for the place before planning some major renovations or buying some furniture off of Craigslist. Your guests will enjoy seeing the “before” version of your new spot. It’s time to send out those email, mass text or just a simple handwritten invite. Having good food, drink and company will surely make those new awesome memories.



Let’s Play: Outdoor and Indoor Entertainment for All

jengaIf your home doesn’t have a backyard, you can set up some board games to enjoy, but beware of long, drawn out ones like Monopoly or Life. Try games like Pictionary, Charades and the always epic R-rated Cards Against Humanity. It could get every one’s excitement to another level and make some serious but fun memories.

You could also try this popular wedding game: buy a Jenga set and have guests sign and customize a piece of the game. Have some pens out on the table and ask friends to write their favorite memory of your old place on one side and the new favorite moment from the housewarming on the other just for a timeless keepsake. This could end up a fun game that doubles the memory bank and conversation starter you’ll want to pull out of the closet for any party you’ll have in the future.


The Eats: Get Your Finger Foods On

finger foods1Preparing food for your housewarming guests doesn’t have to be so stressful. Finger foods encourage mingling and are often a lot cheaper. It doesn’t have to be just those boring chips and dip. You could check out some Pinterest posts to help you get creative with simple appetizers to pre-make and pass around the room throughout the party night to keep everyone satisfied and happy. Healthy options can also do great like a hearty zucchini pizza bites, this could make your guests’ mouth water and maybe ask for more.


Drink Up: Don’t Forget to Keep It Classy

drink stationYou don’t want your guests get too drunk with your housewarming party right? And one more thing about having a full bar can be tricky and expensive like running out of everyone’s favorite mixer or guests simply don’t know what they want. The best thing to do is to create your own signature cocktail, something you could prepare ahead of time. Creative, refreshing and not too boozy are the secrets on throwing a great party.

Have other options besides bottled water like beer and non-alcoholic drinks. Healthy drinks like a cucumber lemon water is always a refreshing fave. Actually, any pitcher filled with a little fresh fruit and/or herbs will encourage guests to stay hydrated and happy. You could also check out new brewing techniques and flavor profiles for your beer options. Just create one that’s innovative but not too crazy. Make sure to offer your couch or an Uber ride for those tipsy ones.


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