Spring… here we come!

It takes more than a good scrubbing to make a home ready this spring. It’s a great time to take a look around and think about the spots that needs freshening up.

These must-haves will help give your home a new life.

Power Washer


These power washers can do wonders for the look of your home. According to twotwentyone.net, there are 11 uses for these machines.

  1. Fencing: try to wash your vinyl fence every year, if not, every other year. It makes a huge difference.
  2. Exterior Siding or Brick: try to wash the exterior of the house at least every other year.
  3. Garage Door: It is especially convenient when the garage door comes under attack from birds.
  4. Outdoor Grill: Grills get grimy and gross. Give it a bath so it can become shiny and ready to use in the spring.
  5. Knock down Spider Webs and Wasps Nests: Spray the wasp nests first with a wasp spray before start spraying the nests with water. You don’t want angry wasps flying at your face.
  6. Driveway: Grime builds up on the driveway throughout the year. It will look ten times better after it’s been power washed.
  7. Patios and Decks: washing your patios can be a night and day difference.
  8. Outdoor Furniture: If you’re going to clean your patio, you might as well wash your patio furniture.
  9. Car, Motorcycle, Boat: Make sure you don’t use a super powerful setting or else, you might blast the paint off, especially if there are chips already in the paint.
  10. Lawn Mower and other equipment: Like your car, your lawn mower deserves a bath every once in a while. Wash the underneath of the lawn mower to improve its efficiency because grass and leaves gets stuck up under there.
  11. Trash Can: Trash cans can be so smelly most especially in summer months, so a little washing with soap and it smells ten times better.


A Great Rug



Everyone gets happy seeing the beautiful colors of spring, right? Rugs are so important in design. It creates that great layering essential that sets the foundation for a room. It can also make a statement with a pop of pattern or a bold color.

Niche appliances

steam oven

Life now-a-days have become very fast. Everybody is working, and is very busy. Today’s kitchen has to do double, triple, and sometimes quadruple duty for busy families. Having niche appliances will allow the chef of the house to be more efficient, more creative or specialized during meal preparations. Like with steam ovens which cooks more food thoroughly and healthier than microwaves; warming drawers deliver hot meals to family and guests; induction cooktops save space and are safer for homes with young kids.


Something floral


Beautiful flowers are unique home decorations, emotional and romantic. Spring flowers in tenderly soft and brightly rich colors evoke deep feelings and add gorgeous, fresh and festive look to home decorating. Spring flowers bring optimism and remind of pleasant and special events. They are symbols of new beginning, warmth ad hopes after a harsh, bleak winter. There are many various ways to incorporate floral designs and artificial flower arrangements into spring decorating.

Containers and vases that match home décor compliment floral arrangements and fresh, spring flowers in bouquets. Decorative vases and flower containers made of various materials bring unique textures into home decorating, and flowers soften interior décor.


Something geometric


This one never goes out of style. When it comes to decorating our walls, we’ve always loved thinking outside the frame. We believe that the more sides, the better, meaning geometric wall art is the best way to add visual interest to your space. From wood and canvas to paper and wire, you can find all kinds of inspiration. You can also try it on your backsplash, on your couch pillows, or on the floor, where a bold rug can provide a new point of interest or help you build a new color story.



Something striped

Head start on this interior design trend. It is one of the spring fashion must-haves. It can offer a chic backdrop in your space.




Light wood

light wood

Natural wood can brighten every room. If you love wood and want a bright and cheery environment, then a beautiful light wood kitchen is a great choice! Light wood kitchen cabinets are perfect for those who want a neutral-toned kitchen that can be accessorized with other colors. Modern light wood cabinets are clean and practical, and will match well with almost any type of kitchen flooring, countertops, walls, and furnishings. If you want to keep a wide range of decorating options available to you, then a beautiful light wood kitchen is a great starting point! Light, natural wood cabinets are very practical. Dust and crumbs don’t scream for attention on neutral-toned cabinets compared to darker surfaces, so light wood kitchens should require less frequent cleaning than dark wood kitchens. Still, cleanliness is key to maintaining the lustre and beauty of the natural wood. Knowing what to expect in advance can pay off with a lifetime of enjoyment in your modern light wood kitchen.


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