Attract Young Investors To Buy Your Home

It’s quite an intimidating task to find the right person to buy your home. You should know that an important step to selling your home is to identify your target audience. Nowadays, many young people are looking for homes to buy, ensure your home fits their likes and preferences to attract them your way. Learning to understand what young people look for in a home should at least give you an upper hand in the market. Here’s what you need to do to attract such young investors.


white cabinetWhite Cabinetry

Capitalize on these. Young homeowners, most especially those under 40 years of age, prefer white and lighter colors on their cabinets as compared to the original dark colored ones. If you had used dark colors, consider minor renovations and ensure they are white in color. They also prefer those do not attract dirt or dust like oil based or latex paints.



neutral colorWarm and Neutral Colors on Walls

This make it possible for young homeowners to bring in clean-lined furnishings that complement the wall. Neutral colors give that relaxing feel which makes homes more comfortable to live in. New generation folks consider the once golden and pink dull and not appreciate anymore.



stainlessReplace Old Appliances

Times change. Young people nowadays prefer stainless steel instead because it is longer lasting, easier to clean and maintain, and of course, shiny. So you may need to update all your appliances to much newer stainless ones.



granite countertopsStone or Granite Counter tops

Counter tops is a big factor which can attract or put-off potential high-value young investors. Young generations prefer these stone or granite counter tops not only because they are easier to work on or clean, but also have minimal veining/smear or colors. Another advantage is they also compliment many other updated household appliances on the market today. You should avoid too much colors as possible because picky buyers may be turned off with it.


Master bath with glass shower

Larger shower space

Most young couples like having a shower together so they love to have big spaces in the shower room. It’s a high time to invest in a larger shower space because it is appreciated nowadays as this will decrease property selling times.



simple homeSimplicity

Invest in a simple setup. This intrigues the young generation. Ensure that you not only invest in a simple home setup, but also clear off unfinished projects. Young couple with little children appreciate you clearing out those red flags because it will look safe and a secured place for their kids to run around the home.



before and after bathroomFixer-upper

A fixer upper is real estate requiring refurbishment, remodeling, reconstruction or redesign. The property may need either minor or extensive repairs. Be it a foundation, walls or the roof, a fixer upper often needs considerable work to make it a dwelling comfortable for living. Fixer uppers are usually offered at a price lower than the market rate. This is because the buyer will have to invest time and money to restore the property. Often a fixer upper can be lived in “as is,” but it will have some unsightly features or things in need of repair. You can still attract many potential buyers especially if the house is well kept and in top-notch condition. Most people will want to renovate a house according to their preferences, but only if it is reasonably priced.





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