All About Cleaning: Beds and Mattresses

For most of us, bed is one of those comfort zones where you can eat, pamper your partner and play with your kids. It’s the place where you can relax and enjoy watching reruns of your favorite TV soaps while eating all sorts of junk foods. Of course, no one can stop you from messing with the bed covers unless you’re a kid.

Just make sure to remember that a dirty bed can be harmful for your health. Make it a habit to clean the bed and mattresses regularly. Keep those bed cover, duvet and pillow covers clean. Did you know that a dirty bed can lead to skin infections, dandruff problems and other diseases? Here are some tips how to clean, remove stains and maintain your beds and mattresses.


Give your mattress the care it needs


The mattress helps in supporting your body weight throughout the night but it also requires support to last long. A great way that you could do to protect it from harm is by framing the mattress. Bigger mattresses like queen or king sized need a central support. Boards that span the entire width of the bed are also good for mattresses.

The upper part of the body is weightier. No wonder your mattress gets stressed on the head side more than the foot side. Turn your mattress four times a year to distribute the wear evenly. It should be turned side to side and also top to toe. This way, your mattress will last longer and you will feel more comfortable.

Any pets and babies in your home? Chances are high that your mattress often gets dirty. Placing the mattress under the sun is a good disinfectant. It can kill the accumulating germs and dampness of your mattress and make it comfortable and warm.


Regular Inspections

Anthony Melchiorri inspecting the bed of a room at the Sevilla Inn

Check your mattress for spotting oil or dirt marks, so that you can remove them before it gets too late. You can use upholstery shampoo or mix some mild soap with water to clean them up. Make sure to dry the washed area before you lay it on the bed. It is also a good idea to invest in a good mattress protector that you can clean regularly. Mattress protectors prevent exposure to dust mites, and can repel any liquid.


Thorough Cleaning


Vacuum mattress and box springs every three months with the upholstery attachment each time you do the turning. You could get rid of the lose dust, food crumbs, dirt, mud from the feet, and hair shed by your pet that accumulate on the bed cover and mattress just by using the vacuum cleaner. This is the best way to clean all of these.

Removing dirty spots depends on the gravity of the mark or stain. Most common stains come from sweat, urine and even blood marks. An easy mixture for these protein based stains is with a mixture of hydrogen peroxide, liquid dish soap and baking soda. Pour this mixture in a spray bottle and use it just on the spots. Rub these spots with a clean napkin or tissue. Another mixture is using lemon juice and salt, spray and rub then let it sit for 60minutes and then clean it away.


Let it smell good

Deodorizing the bed is important most especially after you kid has peed on it. You can sprinkle some baking soda on the entire mattress and let it absorb the bad odors for a long time. You can vacuum the baking soda after some time to get that refreshing mattress.

Doing a regular maintenance of the mattresses can help you reduce bad odor and enjoy that much needed sound sleep. To ensure a hygienic and comfortable bed, clean marks and deodorize the mattress at regular intervals.



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