Essentials Checklist for Newly Married Home Owners

After the beautiful wedding celebration and exotic honeymoon, you and your loved one are ready to settle in and enjoy your newly married bliss, especially if you have a new home. Putting it altogether can seem like a forever project, you can try creating a checklist so you can make it your home right away.



You can add style to every room when you hang new drapes. Create a color scheme for your home by starting with your window treatments. You may want window drapes to complement existing décor or to set a new style in the room, but you’ll want to think about other factors before you buy drapes. The interior-design theme of your home can be a long-term project, and hanging curtains is a great starting point. Here are some tips that can help you find the drapes that work for your space.

  • Consider the function you want. If you want to create privacy, buy lined drapes made of a dark, heavy fabric, such as brocade or damask, that will close tightly. Lined drapes are also ideal when you want to create a sophisticated look, as these layered window treatments add polish to any window. But if your primary purpose is to block light, you might want to buy blackout curtains, which feature a tightly woven backing that blocks most light from entering the window. They are also called thermal drapes because they help to insulate your home and reduce heat loss through the window.
  • Think about what will complement the colors in your room. First, consider the color of the walls. If you’ll be hanging window drapes in a room with bold accent walls, you’ll want to look for patterns and solids that don’t clash. Make sure to buy drapes that also balance the textures and colors of your furniture. Sheer drapes are the perfect balance for floral sofas and armchairs, while living room frapes that feature crisp pleats will add elegance to simple wooden chairs and benches. Pleated drapes are also appropriate for traditional décor, especially in classic fabrics, such as toile and taffeta.
  • Make a small window look larger. If you want to make a small window look larger, consider buying pleated drapes made of linen for a fresh, polished look. You’ll want to avoid heavy drapes made of canvas or brocade if you want to emphasize a delicate window.
  • Decide on a suitable fabric for the amount of sunlight. If your window receives a lot of direct sunlight, you won’t want to hang expensive silk drapes, as they can fade easily. Hang silk drapes and window treatments made of other expensive fabrics in rooms that don’t receive a lot of sunlight; install thermal curtains in bright rooms to prevent heat loss and block unwanted light.


Bed coverings

As a newlywed couple, your bedroom is your sacred sanctuary. The relaxing space should be free of electronics and full of tranquil elements and décor reflective of you both as a couple. White bedding makes it really easy to change up your look with new throw pillows, blankets, etc. Sometimes it’s also better to choose a bedding that has some texture to it, like ruching or pintucks, which adds interest to a white bed, and the bonus is it won’t show wrinkles either.

And it might sound counterintuitive, but a bed always looks more chic and put together if it’s got some mix-and-match going on. Especially of your bedding is patterned already, I think it’s kind of boring to just use the matching shams and not mix in anything else.

Start with your bed and gender-neutral bed trimmings, including a duvet, bed skirt, throw pillows and linens. An accessorized bed will create aesthetic comfort as you begin to incorporate more furniture and other decor, such as wall art, a rug, flower-filled vases, and plants.


cleaning equipmentsCleaning Equipment

It’s a challenging and exhausting chore to clean a house than cleaning an apartment. Although more space in a home is enjoyable, you’ve now got more ground to cover with a broom and mop. You can invest in a vacuum that will help keep your floors clean and spotless. It will also make cleaning a pleasant experience, rather than a dreaded household duty.



Since you’re now responsible for your own home repairs and around-the-house tasks, you’ll want a well-stocked supply of tools. These are the 10 tools you need in your home toolkit.


  1. A Flathead Screwdriver. Although these aren’t used as much these days, they’re still great for dislodging things that are tightly packed. And of course for flat head screws.
  2. Phillips Screwdriver. You’ll need these for EVERYTHING, from the kitchen to kids toys.
  3. An Electric Drill. I know you’re wondering why you need a drill AND screwdrivers, but you do not want to hand-crank into a stud. A drill is a workhorse that will bore holes as needed, tighten up screws, and power through projects like a pro.
  4. A Claw Hammer. This is the kind of hammer with a flat head and a long, forked tail. The long forked tail is for removing nails, and the head is obviously for driving nails. You’ll use this for hanging photos, art, putting together some projects, you name it!
  5. A Crescent Wrench. This is an adjustable wrench that can open wide or screw tightly, and it’s going to be your hero when you need to open up your U-bend if something falls down the drain.
  6. A Pair of Pliers. There are lots of options as far as pliers go, from Vicegrips that lock in place to needle-nose pliers that are great for precision shaping. My recommendation is to find a combination plier that has both serrated teeth and a wirecutter, so you have the option of gripping or snipping as needed.
  7. Measuring Tape. You already know to measure twice and cut once, but you’re gonna need measuring tape to do it. A 16’ will cover most rooms, so the next time you check out some furniture and fixtures, you’ll know what will fit and what won’t.
  8. A Level. If you have a good level app on your phone, then scratch this off your list, but if you’re hanging shelves, pictures, building anything, you need a level. Unless you’re into torturing yourself with lopsided frames, of course.
  9. A Utility Knife. Open boxes, score wood, slice plastic or cork paneling.
  10. A Flashlight. You should have one of these in your house anyway, but you should still keep a mini light in your toolbox, too.
  11. A Pencil. It’s one of those things that you’ll totally forget about or scramble to find, but when you need one, BAM! It’s already waiting for you in your toolbox.

You can buy a starter kit with everything in it, or you can be that someone who intends to build on to their kit rather than going for an all-in-one. You’ll also want to stock up on paint supplies, sandpaper, an electrical outlet tester, nuts, screws, nails, and sandpaper. Keep in mind that you can find really great ready-made kits like these online for a great price, but remember: you get what you pay for. The cheaper the tools, the cheaper their construction. This means that you run the risk of broken tools mid-project, and ain’t nobody got time for that.


photo frameCustom Accents

For most new homeowners, splurging on fancy decor isn’t within the budget. Get creative with how you personalize your home and give it character. You can shop at flea markets for photo frames, vases or a vintage piece of furniture that you can refurbish with a bright paint color and fun patterns. Decorate a plain white vase with orange washi tape. Frame an old map to cover bare wall space. Glue metallic buttons to a lamp for glammed-out lighting. DIY decor projects can also become a new hobby and creative outlet for a happy homemaker.


house warming partyEntertaining Supplies

It’s exciting to have friends and family over. You can stock up on party-hosting essentials such as wine and cocktail glasses, a cocktail shaker, a serving platter, place mats, a table runner, and basic dishes and cutlery. Have a soothing playlist on hand for your guests to enjoy during your dinner party. You can also plan a housewarming party and play host and hostess by inviting guests and cooking them a delectable dinner. A housewarming is definitely one of those parties every new home owner looks forward to. Remember to keep the WEATHER in mind, keep it CASUAL, do remember the DETAILS and be a SHOW OFF!







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