Essential Apartment Features You Need

Keep these things in mind to improve your chances of finding that place that you’ll really be happy to call home.


packages► A designated place for packages

Apartment dwellers are major contributors to the $300 billion-plus online shopping industry. A typical apartment community can receive as many as 100 packages during an ordinary week and up to double that during the holiday season, according to NMHC research.

Unfortunately, there are few apartment building who allow delivery of package right to the resident’s door. So if you’re not at home, maybe running an errand or at work when the delivery arrives, probably those precious parcels could lie around in a lobby or entryway until you return home. Most renters say it’s important to have a secure and convenient package storage/holding area. Most are even willing to pay extra for a package locker with 87% of respondents agreeing that a charge of no more than $20 per month is fair enough for this facility.


wifi► Good connectivity

Having a reliable Wi-Fi, not to mention an above-average cellphone signal is a necessity. Prevent getting locked into a lease with limited connectivity by bringing your mobile devices with you on an apartment tour and testing signal strength in the area.

Check out different Internet service providers and the speeds they offer. Your neighbors may affect your Wi-Fi experience too because too many networks in one place can result in a weak or erratic signal. Sometimes, they might require you to shell out extra cash for a better service.

“You may need-or-want- your own wireless extender to boost the transmission of the Internet Signal so that it can be accessible from all areas of the home,” says Geoffrey Jones, owner of Investorwize, a company that buys and remodels homes nationwide.

Also, look for USB ports next to electrical outlets. Many new and newly remodeled units include this handy upgrade.


water pressure► Water Pressure

Insufficient water pressure is quite a hassle. Even some of the newest, high-end apartments have this kind of problem. If you demand to enjoy a luxurious shower with jets of water, make sure you test out a unit’s ability to keep up with you.

There are some showerheads that have a flow restrictor to limit water consumption. It’s really easy to remove to get the flow you want, but you’ll pay the difference in your water bill.


dog-park► Places to pamper your pet

If you’re a pet lover, you might want to check if your rental fits your pet as well. Pet amenities rank high on the list of renter desires, according to NMHC. Many prioritize having a community dog park nearby, or maybe those who offer dog treats in the lobby or community pet-washing stations.



online-payment► Electronic payments

Still paying your dues the traditional way like still writing a check for it? At this digital age, 78% of apartment dwellers fancy the freedom of paying their way online. This way, you can eliminate late fees and hassles due to lost checks or the inability to pay when you’re out of town. It is really convenient to have this kind of payment option. You can ask your potential landlord what forms of payment they accept.


Narrow down the apartment search, but make sure to visit each one with this checklist to ensure that the rental will make you happy. Happy hunting.







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