Moving? Whether it’s your first time or the nth time, moving from one place to another is always an exhausting process. And even more challenging to find a good moving company at the most affordable rate. With hundreds of companies to choose from, it becomes more difficult to find out a single company that is cheap but offers the best quality of service. Of course, every company will have different price charts, and when it comes to comparing moving company prices, it could be especially stressful since their services may vary as the cost does. Here are some important tips by the industry proven experts on how to compare the prices offered. Hope your moving day could be easier by following these tips.


Ensure You Get a Quote from Every Other Mover

moving2You should have a price to compare for each mover. You need to ask the moving companies you come across for a price-quote. It is true that all reputed companies will not hesitate to provide you with a price quote based on your requirement. However, there are some less-reputed companies that will not be ready to give you price quote or estimate before they begin the moving process. If they refuse to give a price-quote, try not to bother with them and move along. A good company will ask the size of your household, the amount of items that you need to move, and whether you have any special furniture or fragile items to be moved. When you already have a list of prices of different moving companies in your locality, you can compare which one is offering the best service at the lowest cost.


Don’t Go for Cheaper Company Always

moving3Remember that the cheapest is not necessarily the best. Customers tends to choose the cheapest moving company price they find just because of their low price quote. They should justify that their price is reasonable enough. If the quote is much lower than the average price quote what you have found elsewhere, then the company is probably going to be a scam. But don’t be fooled with the one with a high price because it’s not necessarily the best company. Be able to judge reasonably when it comes to comparing their prices.


Check a Company’s Policy for Pricing a Move


Don’t forget to ask them about their pricing policy. You need to know how their company is coming up with the price they are quoting you. These movers should always have their set method for pricing a move.




Review Multiple Companies.

moving4Take a good look at multiple bids. You should not rely on just a couple of price quotes, as there are always scopes to shop around and find the better movers.


Fast Lane:

  1. Create your inventory list.
  2. Compare prices from multiple moving companies
  3. Book.
  4. Move and relax.



Have in mind that the best way to compare moving costs is to actually compare the moving services offered as the latter will play a major role in determining your overall costs of your residential move. The final prices stated on your movers’ quotes won’t tell you the whole story unless you pay special attention to the included moving services. Once you have a pretty good idea of what your movers offer in terms of price and services, it’s time for the final step which will determine the winning application. One more tip: Ask your friends, neighbors, and colleagues at work if they can tell you anything about your shortlisted movers. You can also use the power of social networks to poll your pals and reach with the right decision in the end. In most cases, the moving reviews you have accessed should help you make up your mind and ultimately go with the company which has passed all comparison steps with flying colors.

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