Maintain Great Resell Value

Of course, everybody wants to find a home that is suitable for their needs and affordable for the budget. And above all that, you may also have a forward-thinking mindset and may be focused on finding a home that will have a great resale value in the future. Here are some factors that can help promote a good resale value in the years to come.


communityChoose a Great Community

This is one of the top factors that will influence resale value. Look for one with great amenities and a lot of community social events, whether you are looking for an established or new community. This promotes a community spirit, which can be important in the decision-making process for many buyers.


zoningThink About Surrounding Land

Consider researching the zoning for the land, most especially if the land around the home is not developed, such as if it is on a greenbelt lot or next to a raw land.  If your home is located next door to a busy retail center or a gas station, more likely it will be harder to sell. It’s easier to sell if it is next to other residential homes.


HOA2Look for a Strong HOA

Having a homeowner’s association in the neighborhood is a critical element in protecting property values. They will help keep the neighborhood amenities in great condition, and enforce rules that protect property values and more.


gemini-floor-planThink About the Floor Plan

Other than the community attributes, you should also think about the home itself. Check if the home has an attractive floor plan that can appeal to many people. Home with unique characteristics that may appeal to you may not appeal to others, so look for a home that has broad appeal in its layout.


house vs houseLook for a Classic or Traditional Style

There are also instance that you need to look for a home with a classic or traditional style rather than one that is more unique. It is easier to sell a home that has broad appeal to the masses since a unique home may have some appeal to selected individuals only.


vegetationConsider the Vegetation

Vegetation means the plant life of a region or the plant community. When you say vegetation you do not think of any species composition, life forms, structure, spatial extent, “naturalness,” or any other specific botanical or geographic characteristics. This is the final point to consider when buying a home. You need to think about how old and mature the trees may be in three or five years or in a time frame when you plan to sell the home. Try to consider the work you need to do to improve the curb appeal or if you will simply need to maintain the existing one.


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