Effective Traditional Real Estate Marketing Techniques

It’s not just a one-time task. It must be consistent. Regardless how great you are at selling real estate properties, you will be successful if and only if you can market it effectively. The traditional real estate marketing strategies doesn’t seem to fail anytime soon. If you ignore it, it will be nothing but a great mistake.


mls searchTechnique #1: Use a Multiple Listing Service

A Multiple Listing Service’s database and software is used by real estate brokers in real estate representing sellers under a listing contract to widely share information about properties with other brokers who may represent potential buyers or wish to cooperate with a seller’s broker in finding a buyer for the property or asset.

The primary purpose of an MLS is to provide a facility to publish a “unilateral offer of compensation” by a listing broker, to other broker participants in that MLS. In other words, the commission rate that is offered by the listing broker is published within the MLS to other cooperating brokers. The additional benefit of MLS systems is that an MLS subscriber may search an MLS and retrieve information about all homes for sale by all participating brokers. MLS contains hundreds of fields of information about the features of a property. These fields are determined by real estate professionals who are knowledgeable and experienced in that local marketplace, whereas public real estate websites contain only a small subset of property data.

Wise Note: Many websites offer data on the listing services, yet they frequently not all-exhaustive. Attempt more than one to discover which is generally appropriate.


direct mailTechnique #2: Direct Mail to Potential Customers

Using direct mail is an approach to mail things to an expansive number of potential customers. Even in the Internet age, direct mail is a more popular marketing technique than video and social networking sites, according to data from NAR’s 2011 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers. Almost 20 percent of sales associates use direct mail in their marketing.

Wise Note:

  • Provide a strong call for action. Don’t use direct mail to say what a great salesperson you are. Instead, ask people to do something, such as visit your website for area home prices or order a free home buyer guide.
  • Edit and proofread. Don’t send mail with typos, factual errors, or sloppy grammar. Whatever good message you have will be negated.
  • Match design to your audience. Know enough about the people you’re targeting to have an idea of which designs work with them and which don’t. A design that attracts teenagers might not work for older households you’re targeting for second-home purchases.
  • Have a brand identity and hit that identity hard in your mailing. Your audience won’t remember you if you don’t have a strong brand identity to go with your message.
  • Make your mailing part of a broader strategy. Sending out one piece won’t accomplish much. Set up a regular frequency of mailings to reinforce your message and brand.
  • Match mailer size with postage class. If you want to save by using standard mail postage, make sure your design falls into the letter category. A half-inch too long will classify your mailing as a flat.
  • Use the right indicia. The indicia is the marking that shows you’ve paid the postage. Determine the appropriate class of mail.
  • Fold self-mailers at the bottom. If your piece doesn’t use an envelope, be sure the opening is at the top so that only one tab is required. That keeps costs down and ensures the piece doesn’t get snagged in the U.S. Postal Service’s mail-sorting machines.
  • Leave room for the address label. It’s easy to forget this from a design perspective. So, check with your mail house to see what size labels they routinely use and leave that space open in your design.
  • Keep copy out of the bar code area. This is another easy-to-forget design matter. The Postal Service stamps the bar code on the bottom, so keep that area clear; otherwise, their tape could cover your message.
  • Keep your return address out of the scanning area. The Postal Service uses an optical character recognition scanner that scans the center of a piece of mail, so make sure only the recipient’s address is in that area. Otherwise your mail might be returned to you.
  • Stay away from a square design. You could incur a surcharge if your mailer is out of the ratio for postal equipment.
  • Use the right papers stock. A glossy stock won’t hold meter ink. So, if you use glossy stock, use an indicia rather than having the Postal Service run your pieces through a meter.


newspaper adsTechnique #3: Use Magazines and Newspapers

We live in a digital world right now. You’re probably reading this on a computer or mobile device, which is probably also where you get your news. However, newspapers are still a vital part of our media culture. And newspapers ads, when used properly, are powerful tools for real estate sales because this intends to showcase their services. Numerous magazines and newspapers offer full-color advertisements, highly contrasting, giving diverse pricing choices to the real estate brokers.

Wise Note: Let’s start by defining the role newspaper print advertising plays in current real estate marketing:

  • First, the numbers. Nearly 90 percent of buyers report using some sort of online resource during their house hunt; by contrast, fewer than 25 percent report using print newspaper advertisements. There is clearly value in both advertising methods.
  • Don’t throw out newspaper advertising. Newspapers are still important; 25 percent of sales isn’t a margin you want to miss. However, you do want to ensure that you’re using this tool effectively.
  • Understand the role of newspaper advertising for real estate. As many experts in the field note, the goal of newspaper advertising has changed. Rather than aiming to sell an individual listing, newspaper print advertising now seeks to build name recognition for the real estate agent or firm, and draw the potential client into making contact.
  • Consider your locale: Your area of operations may have a thriving local newspaper, affording you an easy way to connect to a local audience. This also tends to be a very cost-effective option when it exists, so do your research.
  • Keep your brand consistent. When you do use newspaper ads, make sure they fit with the rest of our marketing in terms of look and feel. And make sure your headshot and contact info are prominently displayed; the goal is to have someone get in touch.
  • Use emotional appeal. Newspaper ads these days are less about selling houses and more about a call to action delivered emotionally. Appeal to your audience’s emotional side – it may get you the best results.


telemarketTechnique #4: Telemarket

Telemarketing is a method of direct marketing in which a salesperson solicits prospective customers to buy products or services, either over the phone or through a subsequent face to face or web conferencing appointment scheduled during the call. Real estate marketing by phone has been a successful means with which to spread an organization’s message. This can be as straightforward as calling past customers, or utilizing a call center to make a large volume of calls. If you want to try cold calls, you have to be careful enough as this can be seen as an exceptionally forceful approach to the market. A real estate telemarketer depends on scripts to make prospecting calls to a wide range of people with disposable income. Realtors depend on revenue generated from calling prospects to list more homes. The value of real estate sales assistants script cannot be overstated. They need a real estate telemarketing cold call script to know what to say to a prospect and how to respond to an objection. Real estate telemarketers’ scripts can produce a large number of leads if they are prepared with a cold call script for real estate sales assistants. Real estate appointment setters’ scripts will lead to increased revenues due to the fact that they generate new business leads.

Wise note:

  • A good relationship must be built. To build their business in a geographical area (called “farming”), they must establish an image of trust and ethical dealings. Telemarketers scripts for cold calling and farming concentrates building an image and a good relationship. There is very little that is more intimidating than making telephone cold-call when calling on potential customers that they don’t know.
  • Building a high relationship with low pressure. Sales assistants’ scripts for cold calling seeks to make cold-call prospecting easy because the prospect usually wants to put the home on the market and choose a realtor as soon as possible. Prospecting the homeowner is a “high relationship” type of “business relationship.” This focuses on the “service” element. The cold-call and farming prospects have an indeterminate and unlimited shelf life. It is a high relationship, trust building and local expertise relationship that is desired. The prospecting aims to establish an ongoing communication.
  • Sales assistants and Telemarketers have many names. Real estate sales assistants are referred to by many names including: appointment setters, inside sales assistants, marketing reps, business development aides, sales support associates, prospecting helpers, sales affiliates and many other unique monikers. But the reality is that all real estate professionals want to leverage their efforts to make more calls to prospective clients using the telephone.
  • The time element is the most important in a cold call. The time you have to call on the prospect varies with the type of farming sales script for lead generation. It is referred to as the “shelf-life” of a prospect. For instance, sales scripting for cold-calling in real estate, the “shelf-life” of a prospect/homeowner is quite long because the turn-over of a typical neighborhood is approximately 5-10%.
  • Handling rejection. The real problem is not that other people are unfriendly; it’s the inability to handle other people so they are not a problem in the mind of a sales assistant. Rejection and fear are so personal that taking a logical approach to dealing with the problem is easier said than done. Instead of reacting coolly, sales assistants and telemarketers tend to get involved in the conversation at hand and are reacting on the prospects terms. Sometimes it’s better to just offer your services and let the conversation flow.


telephone directoryTechnique #5: Place an Ad in the Telephone Directory

Ads and listings in the business segment of phone indexes in your target regions are still a profitable approach to market your real estate business.



Technique #6: Referrals

One last thing! Ask for referrals from your existing clients. In the event that you have existing customers who are happy with you, enroll them to help you get more customers. This is known as getting customers by referral. Most cheerful customers will readily tell others concerning you, yet they won’t consider it unless you give them an incentive or reason to do so.


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