Trust your Guts?

Do you believe in “Love at first sight?” It is every bit as much of a cherished concept for houses as it is for relationships. Would you really know when you’ve found your dream home? It is often just a matter of instinct instead of considering lots of factors that go into your buying choice. People just know. There are a lot of things behind snap decisions that we can’t always explain.

You should know that every stab in the dark doesn’t mean that it’s the right one. Buying a home is one of the critical decisions you’ll ever make. Here are some ways to harness your intuitive powers, interpret your “inner voice,” and steer your sixth sense toward finding the right home for you.


checklistSet the intention

“Positive Intention” This is one way to involve your intuition before you even start looking. And as Melissa Mattern, a Portland, OR – based intuition expert says, “When you name it, you claim it.” Have a piece of paper ready and write down a few attributes you want in a home – and it should not be just the basics. Widen how you envision yourself in your home, whether that’s hosting lavish dinner parties, snuggling with your kids in bed, or binge-watching Netflix with friends. Having a primary needs hit list can help ground you during your search.


trust2Notice when your ‘list’ disappears

So now, you’ve got your list. Having to know what you want is a big plus, but what happens when you find yourself hooked with a home that has few – or even none – of the items on that list? Possibly, it could be your intuition guiding you to the right path.

According to Mattern, “the must-have list is a jumping-off point. When you get to the house, suddenly the list fades. That’s how I ended up in a purple house with a bathroom that is so tiny I’ve knocked myself our twice on the eaves. It had almost none of the ‘have to haves’, but I experienced 100% joy every time I bound up the steps to see what is happening inside.”

Make sure to pay attention to the facts, but when suddenly you don’t care about a home’s attributes and instead have a strong sense that this is where you’d be happy.


Trust-your-gut-blogTune in to your feelings

There’s that positive and affirming intuitive hits that are often accompanied by a sense of warmth, a wave of goose bumps or fluttery feelings, the ability to breathe more easily, and relaxation in the gut and shoulders. If you find yourself noticing these physical manifestations when viewing a home, then your intuitive wisdom could be kicking in.


trustTrust those tiny doubts

It’s important to listen to that little voice in your head when it says things seem off. If you can’t place your finger on the problem, that’s your intuition trying to tell you to beware.

According to Kelvin Liriano from Three Keys Home Inspections, “As a home inspector, I look for obvious signs of defects in the home, but I have also been trained through experience to look at the not-so-obvious signs. I don’t go into an inspection determined to make a mountain out of a molehill, but prior experiences have beefed up my ‘something ain’t right’ detectors.”

Examine its historical records if you get a sense that something is not right with the house. You may find that your inner voice was spot on, and be very glad you listened well. And remember that when choosing your ‘home sweet home’, it’s valid to listen to your instincts – but also smart to double-check them.


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