Indoor-Outdoor Living on a Budget

Creating an amazing space on a limited budget is quite hard. But if you’ve got a little time and a little money with minimal DIY skills, you might just pull it off. Here’s where to start.


Create a Patio

paverIt’s not necessary to build an expensive deck or spend thousands of dollars creating a patio that serves as the foundation for your outdoor room. Instead, you can have a DIY project done in a weekend using pavers. A paver is a paving stone, tile, brick, or brick-like piece of concrete commonly used as exterior flooring. There are two types: Interlocking Concrete pavers and Stone pavers. Of course, this will depend on your energy level and the size of your space. Ease of installation and low maintenance is a great plus, though the initial cost may be higher than other options, but you’ll save in the long run by not having to stain or seal it continuously. Repairs can be one paver at a time.



Cover Up

offset umbrellaShelter is key, not only for creating a shady spot where you can escape from the sun without retreating back into the house, but also because it helps to make the space feel complete. If your budget can’t stretch enough to include a custom pergola or patio cover, a large, offset umbrella can be a great answer.

Offset umbrella are designed to serve the same purpose as a patio or market umbrella, but they do so while being positioned with an offset base. This means that the umbrella base will not be right in the middle as it is with most umbrellas. Instead, it will be offset and typically not found underneath the umbrella itself. This is highly convenient for functional purposes and it can add a lot to the stylish appeal of the umbrella as well. They are a bit unique, but the diversity of designs is still relatively the same as compared to patio and market umbrellas. Offset umbrellas are an attractive twist on the normal patio and umbrella setup.


Create an Opening

sliding patio doorNot all have sufficient access from inside to out and vice versa. That’s fixable! And the most economical solution for this is to install a vinyl or aluminum sliding patio doors. It’s a type of exterior door that slides open and closed by use of rollers built into the door, which run on a track in the door frame.

There are also some bi-fold or accordion doors available, but expect to make a hefty investment. They are typically used to open up an entire side of a living room, dining room or kitchen to the patio or deck outside.


Outdoor-lightingComfy Seating

It’s all about being as comfortable as possible. An ideal outdoor living space today means cushy seating areas that are plush enough to entice you away from the TV. Enhance your outdoor space.


Add in the Extras

It’s not just the insides of your home that needs attention to detail, the outside screams out for it too. You can add an outdoor rug, few throw cushions, and some decorative outdoor lighting. You can get a compliment from a simple “OK” to a big “WOW!”






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