House Clearance Options

Be it at the end of tenancy, or perhaps moving in to a newly purchased property, there are many times when you may need to clear out a house. There are a number of options available to ensure you are able to get the job done within your budget when there is waste that you need to throw away. The three of the most commonly used waste clearances options are rubbish removal teams, dumpster/skip hire and trailer/van rentals.

From domestic waste and old furniture, to overgrown gardens and even construction waste, there are options you can choose that is suitable to your needs.


waste removalRubbish Removal and Waste Clearance Teams

You should hire these guys when you are short on time to carry out the work yourself. They could help you with those heavy lifting stuffs, or maybe expose yourself to a potentially harmful waste. It’s a fast method of cleaning out your unwanted waste, with the rubbish loaded into a truck or van and immediately taken away. But of course, they can be costlier than carrying out the work yourself.


Dumpster or Skip Hire

This option can be one of the most economical waste removal options. The best part of this option is the number of skip sizes available, which make them suitable for almost any job, regardless of how big or small. Skips come in a range of sizes, dimensions and shapes, with a selection different accessories available. Choosing the right size and type of skip for your requirements can save you time and money. They provide the convenience of an on-site waste, ranging from garden waste right through the furniture. Most providers recycle more than 80% of all waste collected so it’s an environmentally friendly option.


trailerTrailer or Van Rental

This option can help you take the rubbish to your nearest waste disposal center. If you will only be generating a small amount of waste, and your waste is generally cheap to dispose of, this is the best one for you. Although some waste collection centers do charge higher amounts depending on certain types of waste.


In any chosen waste removal solution, it is always a good idea to compare multiple quotes. As much as possible, get 3 quotes from different services for you to choose the best deal for you. The most obvious benefit out of this is the increased value of your property. Having a clean, tidy and well-presented house will attract better tenants, who are more likely to keep your property in a great condition. Not only will you be able to sell your property for more, but you can also rent it for more as well.


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