Extra Storage in a Small Kitchen

It’s crazy how you could fit all your cooking accessories in your little kitchen. Here are some ideas for you to get that extra storage out of your tiny weeny kitchen.


pegboardMount a pegboard and hang all your essentials.

Kitchen pegboards are awesome. They can hold and organize anything in the kitchen, from pots and pans to your iPad. For renters, you should first call your landlord before you install one because it will leave a mark on your wall (you don’t want to compromise your deposit). Get the right hardware to help distribute the weight of your pots and pans along the anchored framing. And also paint your pegboard front and back to seal the hardboard material since it is bound to experience water and oil drips. A paint seal will ensure the material doesn’t blister and break apart after a few months of use. You can use high- or semi-gloss finish enamel so you can clean your pegboard easily.



stackable shelves


Get most of the cabinets you have with stackable shelves or undershelf baskets.

Stackable shelves will help you keep an orderly arrangement of assorted canned and bottled items in the kitchen. While the undershelf basket is great for utilizing vertical space that can’t be reached with stackable containers.




top cabinet decorDon’t neglect the space above your cabinets.

Here are some smart solutions for that awkward space above your cabinets.

Layer silver and ceramics: This is a good trick for making use of a deep overhead space.

Add some twinkle: Nothing evokes the divine like romantic lighting.

Make your wallpaper pop: Wallpaper is an obvious choice for the space, but increase the life noticeably with a similar-colored collection.

Paint it wisely: For maximum effect, you need to choose a color that pops against the color of the cabinetry, the ceiling and the backsplash.

Mix and match favorites: You can try putting up a single-lighted letter of your family’s shared initials with quirky collection of colorful bottles.

Add a gorgeous garland: To turn a ho-hum kitchen into a statement-making room, putting an eccentric paper garland is a great work of art.

Curtain it: Just install a tension rod and fabric you love to create a no-judgement spot to stash junk.

Show off plenty of art: If your kitchen has such an expansive space to fill up there, you can go ahead and create this space as your gallery wall full of paintings in frames.

List the menu (or whatever’s on your mind): Chalkboard paint turns the awkward spot into a blank canvas in the best possible way.



diy trash dispenserAdd a dispenser for trash bags under your sink.

Most of us keep trash bag rolls under the sink. You know how bulky those oversized rolls can be. By installing a DIY dispenser for the trash bags to the side of your under-sink cabinet, you’ll be saving a lot of space inside the cabinet, and eventually make the bags easier to find when you need them.



bar height tableAdd a bar-height table.

This gives your kitchen a triple whammy since you’ve just added an extra counter, extra storage and a place for friends to sit and eat in the kitchen all in one.



magnetic strip


Hang knives on the wall.

You can use magnetic strips for this. They can help free up valuable counter space, and keep all your most used kitchen tools close at hand.




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