Huge Home Inspection Problems

It’s a big relief that you’ve finally found a buyer for your beloved home and signed a deal. The big question here is “Are you going to pass through the Home Inspection with flying colors?” This leaves the seller with stress and fear because many contracts include a contingency that allows the buyer to back out if serious problems arise during the inspection.

You think everything is fine but once a professional take a look at it, they might see it differently. Keep at least one step ahead and check out these common issues found during an inspection. That way you can try to fix them, save the deal, and even save yourself from the shame.


basementDank Basement

Basements are usually dark, damp and humid and have very little to no air circulation. This can be the perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew. It’s more than just a horror film cliché. According to Frank Lesh, the executive director of the American Society of Home Inspectors, the most common problem he finds is basement seepage, which could lead to full-fledged flooding.

Groundwater is water that is naturally located below the ground’s surface. The groundwater level can be, at times, above the level of the basement floor. In some locations, groundwater can be above the level of the floor at all times.

Sewers are also located on the ground. This includes all varieties – storm, sanitary, and combined. While in most cases, sewers are below the level of the basement, the water level in the sewers can be, at times, above the level of the basement floor.

Groundwater infiltrates your home through small cracks or over a foundation wall. A basement waterproofing contractor can give you a bid on quickly repairing any minor problems before they go bad.


bad wiringShoddy wiring

Another most common issue is electrical. This can be anything from a receptacle that doesn’t function to wiring that is over fused and dangerous. Inspectors routinely discover ungrounded fixtures, spliced wires that are not terminated in a proper electric box, receptacles wired backward, and improper breakers in the service panel. Faulty wiring is the most common cause of house and apartment fires in the United States. As fire codes and building codes improve over time, electrical wiring becomes more safe long-term. This is a worthwhile investment for a household’s safety and peace of mind. Always remember, bad wiring starts the fire.


diy gone badAmateur workmanship

One potential headache is when a homeowner decides that they can do major work around the house without paying a contractor. Most usually than not, people who do it themselves create much more damage than fixing it. If you’ve done home improvement work yourself, consider having a professional double-check the project.


leaky roofLeaky roof

Small leaks can easily be overlooked because they’re not noticeable until something serious happens. Roof leaks left unattended can become major problems. How to find a leak in a roof may be the hardest part of all. Finding the actual spot where the roof leaks is difficult because water can enter the roof in one place and run down to another before it starts soaking into the ceiling. Have an ASHI-certified inspector come out and check your house periodically.


maintenancePoor maintenance

Many homes suffer from an overall lack of upkeep. If you can, you may prepare a home maintenance checklist. Put it somewhere visible to remind you of your task. Unless they fall in the repair category, most of the home maintenance tasks are simple. However, because they are many, homeowners mostly forget a thing or two or even more.

Another practical tip is never to ignore the signs of damage. You hear your air conditioning system creak? There must be something wrong with it. Check it. What’s worse that you can do is to delay the inspection and necessary fixes. This can lead to more and costlier damages in the future. Not to mention, replacing damaged stuff is indeed a costly undertaking as well.

The premise does your part in extending the life of your possessions. In this way, you need not sacrifice the things that you want to buy for yourself and your loved ones because you need to spend your money buying things that must be prioritized.






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