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You will need a Realtor when buying a house. That agent becomes your best friend who shows you the houses for sale within your budget, informs you of open house events and even helps you put in an offer once you find a house that you like. In choosing one, there are some simple questions you should ask first. Your agent will provide you with useful help during the home buying process.


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How do you communicate with buyers?

Does this Realtor use email, phone calls or a combination of both? As much as possible, you want someone who will keep you up to date on homes that work with your budget, wish list, and homes for sale in your preferred neighborhoods. That Realtor who will stay in touch with you until you’ve signed all of the mortgage documents.



Where are the hottest markets?

You want the best Realtor who is knowledgeable and well-informed about the local market. Those agents who will just give you the runaround doesn’t know what they’re doing obviously. So you should always ask the agent about which markets are the hottest in the area. In this way, you’ll know which neighborhoods grew the fastest in recent years and which have a poor reputation. Another one is to give you an idea as to how much it will cost to buy a house in one of those markets.



What are the fees and charges?

It’s always more than just the price you saw in the listing. Buyers are responsible for paying the miscellaneous fees relating to the closing costs and escrow, as well as the cost of the home inspection too. Regarding this one, the Realtor may recommend you to talk with a mortgage broker or lender about the costs and fees associated with your home loan.



What are your honest thoughts?

It is a good practice to ask your agent for his or her honest thoughts about the house that you really like. Lying to their customers just to make a sale will just damage their reputation and their agency as well. The best Realtor you should have can give you an honest assessment of both the house itself and the surrounding area.






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