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Selling your house for the first time? Don’t just let your Realtor do all the work. There are some responsibilities for you to do even though you’re not present for the open house. According to the experts, you could end the chances of having a successful deal in an open house with these mistakes.


pet-at-homeLeaving a Pet Behind

Some potential buyers might not like pets at all so letting your pets run free may annoy them, most especially those who really don’t picture themselves having one at all. You might also want to consider the safety of the animals.


dirty-dishes-in-the-sinkTurning a Blind Eye to the Kitchen

Many homeowners ignore this entire room when selling. A disgusting kitchen may leave your home unsalable. This is a great turn off for potential buyers. Check if there are any unwashed dishes or is there anything inside the dishwasher. Expect the nosy buyers to open the dishwasher and investigate the fridge. Clean up and store your dishes, and smelly food in the fridge must go out.

Other rooms you think buyers won’t check out are the garage, laundry room, or closets, so better clean up and organize.


clean-bathroomNot Hiding Your Dirty Bath Towels

Bath towels you’ve used and still wants to be used again must be tucked away properly in a closet. This will not only make it look well-staged, but it will also keep it away from the germs and dirt throughout the day’s procession of guests. Just maybe leave a clean set of decorative bath and hand towels for your guests to use during the open house.


prof-cleanersCleaning Solo

Not a fan of cleaning by yourself, you might want to consider hiring a professional. Cleaners will scrub all the out-of-the-way spots you might miss and eliminate any bad odors and messes that go back years.


check-out-homeNot Getting a Second Opinion

Having a blunt-tongued neighbor or friend is very useful during this time. After the cleaning and staging your home for the open house, you need a neutral party to tell you like it is. You should not be offended if they tell you that your place stinks, either figuratively or literally. This can get you focused on the cleaning details before the open house.


yard-maintenanceNot Maintaining the Yard

Don’t neglect your side yard. Not only that a messy yard is not pleasing to the eyes, scattered objects can also be dangerous. Get that garden hose coiled up and trash bins out of sight.


bathroom-medicine-cabinetForgetting to Stash Your Drugs

This is the most important one of them all. Stagers need to hide your private details as much as they can to remove all the ammunition against you during the negotiating process. That is why it’s really important to empty your medicine cabinet during an open house. They might steal meds and think that you’re selling the house because of some illness that they can use as leverage during the offer process. Same goes for the family photos and things such as walkers and canes because they might think that you can no longer take care of your home and wants an undercutting of the home’s price. This is not just for good staging but it’s a good business sense, too.






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