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Many are excited moving into a new home. New homeowners tend to obsess over décor blogs and catalogs, watching home improvement shows non-stop and having something in mind to put in a part of the new house. Overeager homeowners often make big mistakes when furnishing their home. Everybody knows that you’re dying to fill and decorate every corner with your stuff as soon as you go in that door but beware and at least try to be mindful of what you put in and do everything step by step.

Here are some mistakes that a new homeowner needs to know.


No-No # 1: Buying everything at once

Being excited and all, you want to make those empty rooms full of your decorating ideas. So you’d go on a mad shopping spree from coffee tables to your canopy bed.

“Stop, sit down, get out a piece of paper, and plan,” says Mark Clement of MyFixItUpLife.com which suggests a completely different strategy. Make a list and plan. This will help you take your time to think through the rooms and focus with what you really need for the most important rooms. These rooms include the living room, kitchen and family room. Then from there, you can head on one step at a time with the other things you love. Don’t worry if it takes you forever to decorate a new home since you’ll be living there for a while.


No-No # 2: Decorating around a legacy piece

Keeping a great or memorable piece from the past is one of our favorite things to do. May it be your mom’s armoire, or a chair, or even a bookshelf that you just can’t put away, this may just add to your anxiety on trying to decorate around the house. Chances are they’ll just create a more unlikely layout which might be completely wrong for you and the new home.

According to experts, you can still put them inside your house but place them where it’s more appropriate, or maybe sold them, or just put them out on the street.


No-No # 3: Trusting your ‘eye’ rather than a tape measure

Measuring the positions accurately is an important step in designing something as professionals do.

“Measuring a space is imperative before you purchase anything,” says Homepolish designer Will Saks, “You need to understand the dimensions of a space so the scale will feel balanced.” It’s all about how it will look sitting there. Everything should be balanced with the room it’s in.

Don’t forget to measure the doorways and hallways before purchasing large pieces. It will not just give a hard time for the delivery guys but also to you. Imagine buying a large sofa to take up six flights of stairs only to discover that it won’t fit through the doorway. Most companies will give you the minimum clearance you need for delivery, so you need to make sure that it will fit. Get the height of a sofa instead of the width or depth because it is the key measurement needed.


No-No # 4: Cramming rooms like a clown car

Stop and breathe for a moment. Having some empty spaces and walls is just fine unless you want your space to be clogged with unwanted furniture. It will all depend on the home appeal you want to achieve. Going for a sleek look will just need a few key pieces in a room to create that feeling of openness. And as for the artwork, maybe just one large creative frame can do the trick.


No-No # 5: Looking like a page from a catalog or décor mag

It may create a fab look when it comes to décor magazine, but in your own home, it could have a different story. Having to buy everything all at once and from the same place is tempting, but please fight the urge to do it. It may look good in catalogs but will they do the same with your home? Think… think… think!!!


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Staging a Photo Ready Home

According to National Association of Realtors, in today’s world, 84 percent of home buyers start their search online. This means, your home needs to make a strong virtual impression. Your home’s first impression may not be one that is face to face with a prospective buyer. This could be made through online photos. Usually, as you begin the listing process, your agent will want to set up a time to come and photograph your home.

So, how can you stage your home to be photo ready?

before and after1It’s like creating a story line. Potential home buyers are looking for certain amenities and specifications during their buying process, not only that, they are also looking for a home that will give them the lifestyle they seek. To achieve this, you need to make sure your home has an ambiance that is appealing. Remember, a properly staged home can tell this story in pictures.

You must have a plan to create that virtual experience and ambiance. Check out the demographic of your buyers and will the home gets interest from empty-nesters, large families, or vacationers? Once you’ve figured it out, consider what story each room should display.

First step for all sellers is to remove clutter. Have a box ready and walk through each room. Pick up the kids’ toys and games and take those old magazines and paper to the recycling bin.


Then, tidy up! The first one that the buyers will notice is if there are marks on the wall and dust bunnies on the floor. They will also notice if your kitchen sink is full of dishes. So better sweep the floors and wipe down counters and mirrors. You should replace burnt out light bulbs as well. And give each surface a nice dusting.

After all of that fuss, make repairs. Any serious or obvious issues in your home that need attention? Potential buyers take note of this one. This includes that cabinet door you took off to repair, and the tile work that needs to be re-grouted. Those terribly dated wallpapers and borders is included too. Make sure that these repairs are done before your photos are taken to increase the number of potential buyers who’ll want to request a showing.

Once that your rooms are clean, de-cluttered, and in good repair, it’s time to “edit.” Come back and take a look at each room with a new point of view. Less is more when it comes to photos. In a story line, you should make the room shine through. Remove those unnecessary knick-knacks and décor.

before and after2

Check if your home has that good entertaining potential. If not, you should set up your dining room and table with your best china. Lit up those candles and set out fresh flowers. As for the kitchen, you should have a plate of fresh baked cookies sitting on a plate. Don’t forget to take pictures of the yard and landscaping, as well.

Get the natural light. Most buyers look for home that are light and bright. Not only that, natural light also has a way of opening up spaces. Arrange a time for a photographer to come when the sun is still out.

before and after3

Have the photographer take several pictures of each room and from different angles as well. Most MLS sites allow for your agent to list over 20 pictures of a home. This is the time to show off your property to the potential home buyers. So better post as much as you can in order to give them the clearest vision of your home and its setup.

Happy Selling!


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Pets Help Sell Your Home

There was a time when the smell of newly baked bread or freshly brewed coffee was enough to pique a potential home buyer’s interest. But as the property market braces itself for another challenging year, sellers have enlisted a new market weapon: their pets.

It all started with Chompers the corgi, starring in a video to sell a San Francisco home in 2015. Then in Tiffany, a 5-year-old Shih Tzu mix whose owner, a real estate agent in Australia, started placing the pooch in listing photos, resulting in “nearly double” the page views and a slew of sales.

This latest addition in home-staging – the art of preparing your home for sale – is called pet placement. As with so many of these trends, the inclusion of beloved animals in estate agents’ brochures began across the pond. In the United States, a cat or dog draped across the furniture is becoming a must-have accessory.

Not too long ago, pets were considered a serious hindrance to home-selling process – cuddly companions that should be hidden at all costs. So what caused the change of heart? There’s an ever-growing number of animal lovers which may have turned the tide. And as you can see, these furry faces are just plain good advertising, touching on our emotions without getting too personal. “A pet can bring life to a property, and help to establish the feel of a home. It can also appeal to the lifestyle ideals of the likely buyer,” says a local estate agent Jonathan Cunlife. It solidifies the American dream: the kids, the dog, the whole package.


Here are some tips where you can showcase your pets in real estate:


dog leash holderEntryway

As soon as they walk in the door to show off that essential accessory you grab every day when you take your dog for a walk: the leash. A pet-friendly space has an attractive leash hung nicely. But make sure that you don’t put some ratty old thing that’s been dragged through the mud on display. You can toss it in the washing machine to give it a new life – if it’s the cotton one. Or if you really want to impress, buy a new one that complements the décor of your home. You can fake it if you have to. There are lots of stylish ones out in the market right now.



Have a cute treats container to display on the counter or upgrade your pet’s standard water bowl into those sparkly new ones.


Living Room

Like what’s been said before, showing off framed old family photos is considered a serious no-no, but it’s okay to leave framed dog and cat photos. According to Louise Whittet of White Space Staging, “More and more listings are doing this, as well as shelter magazines and websites. It isn’t as personal as a family photo, but it’s successful in implying a space for all types.”



“A faux sheepskin throw rug can be seen as a romantic element,” explains Kyra Frankel of White Space Staging, “or also a cozy spot for a pet to curl up.” Alternatively, place a new, or at least nice and clean, dog bed at the foot of yours. Have your pets’ beds cleaned up and put it in a sensible place to be, but don’t forget to stash up the chew toys first.


dog houseBackyard

Repaint the doghouse with a fresh coat because it freshens up quickly. Stick to light colors as to not absorb the sun and heat. Also, it’s important to check the backyard for any poop before showing your property. You don’t want to destroy your chances to get the deal right?

dog poopNo one likes dealing with animal waste; not even pet owners! This is even more unattractive to buyers. No buyer is going to want to spend much time in a property which has lingering smells of animal feces, and they don’t to see any reminders of animal waste. Be sure that your home is free from litter trays or droppings in the backyard. Conduct a quick sweep of all interior and exterior areas before any visitors arrive.


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