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Major Security Threats

One of the most worthwhile expenses is spending money to ensure that you have an effective security program in place, whether for your own commercial or residential real estate properties. It is easier to attract quality tenants and it certainly aids in lowering the amount of unwanted claims that you will have at your location.

There are three major security threats that a property can face in today’s market:



It is an offense that occurs when a person destroys or defaces someone else’s property without permission. Effects of vandalism may include broken windows and graffiti. While vandalism may be considered “art” by some, it is nonetheless a crime against property that is punishable by jail time, monetary fines, or both. Graffiti and vandalism in residential and commercial areas has always been a problem. Although the growth of gangs was pretty small during the first part of this century, it has started to increase again most especially with some vacant units you are managing. Common behaviors that may lead to a vandalism charge include: Spray painting another’s property with the purpose of defacing, breaking someone’s windows, defacing public property with graffiti and other forms of “art,” kicking and damaging someone’s property with your hands or feet, and other several other behaviors. Vandalism is covered by state statutes, and varies by state. Some states refer to vandalism as “criminal damage”, “malicious trespass”, “malicious mischief”, or other terms. In an effort to control the impact of vandalism, many states have specific laws that may decrease certain forms of vandalism. It has the potential to cost states millions of dollars each year in clean-up efforts and other program costs, and may cause psychological or emotional damage to property owners as well. On the positive side, many firms have tailored their real estate security programs to match market conditions, giving property owners that have vacant units specialized security that is designed to help prevent property loss until the property can be rented. Some of this sophistication was developed during the Great Recession, when thousands of buildings were vacant and targeted by those seeking to lower their value through vandalism.




Theft is a criminal act which property belonging to another is taken without that person’s consent. They are distinguished by the means and methods used, and are separately designated as those types of crimes in criminal charges and statutory punishments. Police statistics say that there is always more property crime near commercial establishments because there is simply more traffic that visits those locations on any given day.  There are some security companies that offer sophisticated camera systems that are hooked up to the internet and allow centralized monitoring of properties for a lower price than you would pay for an on-site guard. Even if you have a guard present, cameras can also enhance their effectiveness. The key to being successful by adding cameras to block theft is to place them in places that they will be effective.



According to Merriam-Webster, a Gang is a group of people who do illegal things together and who often fight against other gangs. Technology has advanced to the point where criminals have started removing car collision warning systems and using the radar to scan buildings in a neighborhood. They become capable of determining whether there is any movement inside a building, so they can see if it is possible to rob the place that has no one in sight. Some retail locations have also had their tenants add 3D-sound systems that push directed sound out to address people individually. But the problem is that tenant security is frequently co-opted into addressing people who are merely shoppers, turning them off as clients. Using a firm that provides real estate security programs that take these tactics into account can help lower your liability and your potential loss. The most important thing for you to know as a real estate professional regarding gang activity is whether a potential security firm that you interview will be direct about this type of problem or whether they will discount it as not important. A solid company will always have an answer for you that covers the conditions that you will likely face.


Find a firm that understands nuance when it comes to threats and can leverage technology and know-how to reach your security goals, so you could end-up saving yourself a lot of time and money. Also, have a good insurance on-hand just in case the worst comes.


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