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Be Polite

Have you ever experienced being scrutinized when you’re buying a home? It’s normal with the buying process. Of course, the seller wants their home to pass on to someone nicer or way less annoying.

Here are some unwritten rules of house-buying etiquette you can follow to stay on top of the line.


pre approvedGet pre-approved for a home loan

Getting pre-approved helps you know exactly how much home you can afford before shopping for one. It is the key to win over the seller’s heart. If you don’t know how much you qualify for the loan, you might just be misleading the seller and even their agent. Yes, this is an etiquette issue. “Remember that the seller and agent(s) took time to prepare for the showing. Put yourself in their shoes. How would you feel if someone was looking at your home and they had no idea if they qualified for a mortgage, let alone the price range of your home?” says Cara Ameer, a Realtor® with Coldwell Banker. Let the agent and seller know upfront if you haven’t yet been pre-approved because they might help you get one also.


punctualBe punctual

Why is being punctual so important? Here are some reasons why: It strengthens and reveals your integrity; It shows you are dependable; It assures that you’re at your best; It shows your humility; It shows how your respect for others. If at any instance you’ll be late, call and do not just leave a message. Don’t make a habit of last-minute schedule changes. They have plenty of other clients they could be working with. It will make a bad record not just for you but also to your agent if the seller asked for you to leave the house for the showing.


felt slippersRemove your shoes

Some people are a bit conscious about wearing shoes inside the house. So whatever “shoe rules” you have in your home, always ask if you should remove them upon entering anyone’s home.

According to Brenda Hayward, a Realtor® with Coldwell Banker, “You may be asked to remove your shoes or even wear surgical booties. Just give it up; no one looks good in surgical booties.”



open-house-with-kidsDon’t bring an entourage

Sometimes, too many opinions can be confusing and overwhelming. And also, having many people add unnecessary time to the property tour. Especially if you bring your little ones in viewing a house, it may mean disaster; unless you could keep them from wandering around the house.


concernedDon’t linger too long

There’s no formal rule on how long it should take you to check out a house. Ameer says that it’s typical for the first showing to take at least 15 to a maximum of 30 minutes. Though taking a bit longer is fine, but you should remember that you can always go for a second showing if you’re really interested. But beyond that, well, they might be considered a stalker.

lingeringAvoid excessive multiple visits

“One, two, or even three visits are typically acceptable prior to making an offer,” Ameer says. “If you must return more than that, make sure this is a home you are seriously considering.”

It doesn’t only cause inconvenience but it will make the seller extremely concerned, most especially if the buyer is never heard from again. If you’re not familiar with the home buying process, you might be thinking that you’ll never get to see inside the home again before you move in. Remember that you will still have inspections and access to the home again, so don’t waste a seller’s time with too many visits.


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