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“What will other people say?”

Do you know what people say about your home when you’re not there? As a seller, you’re probably dying to know what potential buyers have to say as they tour around your property.


Realtors® reveal what potential buyers are really thinking about your home when you’re not there. These are the statement being overheard during open houses.


stinky-houseStatement#1: “What’s that smell?”

Homebuyers don’t want houses that stink. Sellers must identify and remediate odors that make prospective purchasers hold their noses and run for the exits. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy for sellers to identify familiar smells that might be problematic because people get used to the odor of their house and may not notice that something is unpleasant.

The best way to find out whether a house smells okay is to ask someone who doesn’t live there to come inside and give an opinion. Odious odors, by far, top the list of things home buyers comment on. Some just open the windows to eliminate those funky smells, but if the odor won’t budge, consider lighting some scented candles. If you really want to clean those carpets and rugs, make sure to do it maybe a week or two before putting your place on the market.


full-closetStatement#2: “I don’t know where you’ll keep your clothes, honey.”

Every inch of storage space matters. Buyers often joke about this. It really pays to make your closets look as spacious as possible. Remove the unnecessary stuff to declutter.


medicine-cabinetStatement#3: “Wow, these people take a lot of meds.”

Agents have always reminded you that buyers tend to open and look inside medicine cabinets, kitchen cupboards, and anything else they feel the need to see and check out to make a decision on the home. There will always beside comments about your medicine stash. The best you can do about this is hide your medicine somewhere else safe (like inside your nightstand).


kids-bathroomStatement#4: “Adults live here?”

As much as you or your kids may love your cartoon-inspired home, buyers might get a little bit shocked about it. Try to stick with a neutral décor, just to make it clear that you’re serious enough about the sale.


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Statement#5: “The house seems dark and depressing.”

It’s a proven fact that our home plays a significant part in how we feel emotionally. This could be a mood killer for buyers most especially if the rooms are dark or dimly. Luckily, this flaw can be remedied easily. There are things you can do to help the blues be gone. Here are some tips:

  • Let there be light. Add mirrors and lamps, open blinds, use a lighter material for curtains and the most important part is to wash those windows.
  • Flow of furniture. Try mixing up your furniture, putting it on an angle, adding a new conversation nook.
  • Deep clean. Declutter.


noisy-neighbours-have-cost-me-a-tenantStatement#6: “It’s awfully loud.”

Noisy neighbors? Noisy road? This can be a huge turnoff. Calm down! Try planting trees and shrubs between your home and the road to block it out. You can also do this in between you and your neighbors’ yards. Soundproof windows could be a well worth investment.


fresh-paintStatement#7: “If these walls had a fresh coat of paint…”

“…it would make it so much nicer!” Tired, old homes can be given a makeover with a simple fresh coat of paint. This can not only make your property look more modern and appealing, but it can also potentially increase its property value. Whether you prefer to paint the exterior, the interior, or both areas of your home, you’ll find that creating a fresh new look can be a worthwhile investment. The clean look of fresh, neutral paint can increase your property value and make your house more appealing to a wide range of buyers. A good paint job helps show buyers that you care about your property and that it will serve them well in the years to come.


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