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Many are excited moving into a new home. New homeowners tend to obsess over décor blogs and catalogs, watching home improvement shows non-stop and having something in mind to put in a part of the new house. Overeager homeowners often make big mistakes when furnishing their home. Everybody knows that you’re dying to fill and decorate every corner with your stuff as soon as you go in that door but beware and at least try to be mindful of what you put in and do everything step by step.

Here are some mistakes that a new homeowner needs to know.


No-No # 1: Buying everything at once

Being excited and all, you want to make those empty rooms full of your decorating ideas. So you’d go on a mad shopping spree from coffee tables to your canopy bed.

“Stop, sit down, get out a piece of paper, and plan,” says Mark Clement of MyFixItUpLife.com which suggests a completely different strategy. Make a list and plan. This will help you take your time to think through the rooms and focus with what you really need for the most important rooms. These rooms include the living room, kitchen and family room. Then from there, you can head on one step at a time with the other things you love. Don’t worry if it takes you forever to decorate a new home since you’ll be living there for a while.


No-No # 2: Decorating around a legacy piece

Keeping a great or memorable piece from the past is one of our favorite things to do. May it be your mom’s armoire, or a chair, or even a bookshelf that you just can’t put away, this may just add to your anxiety on trying to decorate around the house. Chances are they’ll just create a more unlikely layout which might be completely wrong for you and the new home.

According to experts, you can still put them inside your house but place them where it’s more appropriate, or maybe sold them, or just put them out on the street.


No-No # 3: Trusting your ‘eye’ rather than a tape measure

Measuring the positions accurately is an important step in designing something as professionals do.

“Measuring a space is imperative before you purchase anything,” says Homepolish designer Will Saks, “You need to understand the dimensions of a space so the scale will feel balanced.” It’s all about how it will look sitting there. Everything should be balanced with the room it’s in.

Don’t forget to measure the doorways and hallways before purchasing large pieces. It will not just give a hard time for the delivery guys but also to you. Imagine buying a large sofa to take up six flights of stairs only to discover that it won’t fit through the doorway. Most companies will give you the minimum clearance you need for delivery, so you need to make sure that it will fit. Get the height of a sofa instead of the width or depth because it is the key measurement needed.


No-No # 4: Cramming rooms like a clown car

Stop and breathe for a moment. Having some empty spaces and walls is just fine unless you want your space to be clogged with unwanted furniture. It will all depend on the home appeal you want to achieve. Going for a sleek look will just need a few key pieces in a room to create that feeling of openness. And as for the artwork, maybe just one large creative frame can do the trick.


No-No # 5: Looking like a page from a catalog or décor mag

It may create a fab look when it comes to décor magazine, but in your own home, it could have a different story. Having to buy everything all at once and from the same place is tempting, but please fight the urge to do it. It may look good in catalogs but will they do the same with your home? Think… think… think!!!


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